Residency and Citizenship by Investment

Second Residency Services

Discover how to get a second residency through investment—whether through real estate, company formation, bank deposits, or other creative options that we research on the ground to help you expand your freedom.

Residency in Colombia 🇨🇴

Many options to obtain residency! Great plan B

Easy to buy affordable, attractive real estate

Options for passive investors and retired people

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Residency in Georgia 🇬🇪

No taxes on income earned outside of Georgia!

Great base close to Europe and the Middle East

Multiple residency programmes available

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Residency in Hungary 🇭🇺

For non-EU people: create a local LLC

Buy €180,000 of real estate to get residency 

Low tax lifestyle, visa-free travel across the EU

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Residency in Mexico 🇲🇽

Very easy to obtain

Can be used as a Plan B residency / paper residency

Clear path to citizenship!

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Residency in Montenegro 🇲🇪

Low personal income tax for tax residents!

Buy real estate or create company to get residency

A great base, lifestyle play, or Plan B in Europe

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Residency in Nicaragua 🇳🇮

No taxes on income earned outside of Nicaragua!

Close to North America, multiple options available

Some programs can lead to citizenship 

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Residency in Panama 🇵🇦

Territorial tax – no taxes on income out of Panama!

Buy real estate or deposit in bank to get residency

A great hub for both of the Americas!

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Residency in Serbia 🇷🇸

15% personal income tax for tax residents 

Buy real estate or create company to get residency

A great base in Europe between East and West! 

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Residency in Ukraine 🇺🇦 

Easy to obtain: Create a local LLC

Low cost of living, lifestyle options

Can be a low tax base for Europe

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Second Citizenship Services

The ultimate plan B: get a second passport to secure your travel mobility and lifestyle freedom for you and your family. Below are options we have researched and recommend to clients as excellent second passports.

Citizenship by Investment in Montenegro 🇲🇪 

124+ visa-free countries access

A great European passport!

I can help you save money with your application

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Turkey Citizenship by Investment 🇹🇷

110+ countries visa-free access

Invest $400,000 in great real estate + get citizenship

Best deal only with The Wandering Investor

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Caribbean Citizenship by Investment

120+ countries visa free access

Citizenships from different Caribbean islands

Starting from $100,000+ USD

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Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment 🇻🇺

80+ countries visa-free access

Starting from $130,000 USD

Crypto accepted: fast processing

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Residency and Citizenship by Investment Articles

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