International Company Formation Services

International Company Formation

Incorporating a company in a more welcoming jurisdiction can be a great way to reduce your taxes and even obtain residency in some cases – but make sure to speak to a tax expert before doing so to understand the implications.

Company Formation in Bulgaria 🇧🇬

10% tax on worldwide income, access to EU banking, well-accepted EU invoices, 5% dividend tax. One of the best options.

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Company Formation in Georgia 🇬🇪

A LLC from €99 with good banking? An IT company with 5% taxes? A structure for digital nomads with banking and only 1% taxes? Yes, it’s true!

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Company Formation in Montenegro 🇲🇪

9-15% corporate income tax, optimize taxes when buying real estate in Montenegro, and gives the director residency rights 

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Company Formation in Nicaragua 🇳🇮

0% corporate tax rate on income earned outside of Nicaragua—a way to optimize taxes when buying real estate & flexible business environment

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Crypto and Stock trading Corporation in Panama 🇵🇦

A 0% tax structure with access to the world’s top exchanges. Great for travellers, asset protection, and people in territorial tax systems

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International Company Formation Articles

Check out our most recent analysis on international company structuring—stay tuned for more.

Are you not sure how to structure your business to lower your taxes?

.  .  . This is a topic that can be covered by tax experts in our international tax strategy sessions.