Citizenship by Investment in Egypt

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Why get the Egypt Citizenship by Investment?

  • Buy amongst the most affordable real estate in the world to qualify for citizenship by investment in Egypt.
  • Generally better access to large African countries such as Ghana and Nigeria which are visa on-arrival for Egyptians.
  • Geopolitical diversification – Egypt is to become part of BRICS.
  • This citizenship goes down the generations. When you have children, or your children have children, they will all become Egyptian citizens if they get registered at an Egyptian consulate.
  • Egyptian citizenship is effectively a call option on Egyptian and African growth over the coming decades.
  • Full access to a growing market of 105 million people with high population growth.
  • If you are a muslim male applicant, you can add up to four wives to your application.
  • Dual citizens are exempt from military service.
  • The money for real estate can come from a personal bank account, a corporate bank account, or even someone else’s account.

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Potential drawbacks of the Egypt Citizenship by Investment

  • Your children get citizenship immediately along with you once approved, however your spouse(s) must wait 2 years before getting it. This is to minimize the risk of fake marriages.
  • Applicants must be aware that in Egypt freedom of speech on Egyptian matters is perceived differently than in other countries. Just get your passport, mind your own business, and you’ll be fine. But don’t expect to get involved in politics as a new citizen.
  • It objectively not a good travel document. It’s a slight improvement compared to other African countries but that’s it. View your Egyptian citizenship as a geopolitical hedge and access to a different type of banking.

How to qualify for the Egypt Citizenship by Investment?

The main applicant and his/her children under the age of 21 qualify for citizenship as soon as approved by the government. However the spouse(s) must wait two years.

There are mutiple ways one can obtain citizenship by investment in Egypt:

  • Buy $300,000 of real estate anywhere in Egypt apart from Sinai region. You can invest in existing housing or off-plan apartments from developers, or even commercial real estate. It all qualifies. You can buy one property of a few. There are invariably good investments to be made AND you get a free passport. You must keep the real estate for 5 years.
  • Make a donation of $250,000 to the government (not particularly interesting 😃).
  • Invest $350,000 in a new Egyptian company or in an existing one. Additionally a donation of $100,000 must be made to the government.
  • Deposit $500,000 in a local bank for 3 years in Egyptian pounds, without interest. After 3 years the money get unblocked and converted into Egyptian pounds. You would run the risk of foreign echange controls which may or may not be active then.

The two most viable option are the real estate and business options. 95%+ of applicants will go for the real estate or the deposit options.

What paperwork is required to obtain the Egypt Citizenship by Investment?

  • Apostilled birth certificates.
  • Apostilled marriage certificates.
  • Apostilled criminal background checks from your country of citizenship and of countries where you lived in the past 5 years.
  • $10,000 government processing fee.
  • $10,000 legal fee which includes due diligence and legal support for buying real estate as well as the whole application process from A to Z.

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