Residency & Citizenship by Investment

BREAKING NEWS: Caribbean Citizenship by Investment big price increases

Antigua & Barbuda, Grenada and Dominica are all to increase the prices of their Citizenships by Investment to at least $200,000 for the main applicant. This is to take place from July onwards. What are the exact details, why is this happening, and what about Saint Lucia that will not raise its price? I asked these questions to Laszlo, who has been helping people obtain second citizenships for closet o 3 decades.

Easy: How to get Residency in Mexico

I had a chat with Sergei, who helped me get residency in Mexico, to discuss the various ways one get obtain residency in Mexico.

How to get Residency in Nicaragua – with my lawyer Eduardo

Nicaragua will always have a special place in my heart I remember March 2020 vividly.I was in San Juan del Sur looking at the real estate market as the world was locking down hard. Embassies in Managua were telling their citizens to go back home, and some were...

Turkey Citizenship by Investment – Timelines, Fees, and Traps to Avoid

There is a lot of information online concerning the Turkey citizenship by investment program. Most of the information is written by lawyers and agents who stand to gain fat commissions by selling you new developments that are overpriced. Typically, they earn 6%-10%...

Sark Island – a secret low-tax haven in Europe

I had a chat with the Seigneur of Sark Island as well as Swen Lorenz, who are working on various projects on Sark Island, a near-0% tax jurisdiction in the Channel Islands.

Turkish Citizenship Bank Deposit option – Central Bank guarantee explained

I sat down with my Turkish lawyer Yüksel to discuss the bank deposit option for the Turkish citizenship by investment. She explained the central bank deposit guarantee scheme in details.