Residency & Citizenship by Investment

How to obtain Residency in Montenegro

I absolutely love Montenegro, and spend a few months every year there. The warm water of the Adriatic, combined with amazing hiking in stunning national parks and skiing in Winter are not the only features that make Montenegro attractive. Life is very affordable, yet...

What is the Panama Travel Passport and how to get it?

Most people have never heard of the Panama travel passport, which is different from the normal Panama passport. What is it and how do people obtain it? This little-known program was started in 1987 do encourage foreign investment into Panama. However, very few people...

Move to Dubai or Panama? Learnings from Julien who lived in both places

Though Dubai and Panama often appear on similar lists for people wanting to move to low-tax jurisdictions, they are very different.
I had a chat with my friend Julien who lived twice in Panama, and twice in Dubai.
Having lived in the Gulf, I am also very familiar with both places. In lived in Oman for a while, which is a completely under-marketed destination. And I spend of lot of time in Latin America, with Panama being a core base.
We discussed the pros and cons of both destinations.

How to get Residency in El Salvador – with my lawyer Rodrigo

I sat down with my attorney in El Salvador Rodrigo. He elaborated on the various ways one can obtain residency in beautiful El Salvador.

BREAKING NEWS: Caribbean Citizenship by Investment big price increases

Antigua & Barbuda, Grenada and Dominica are all to increase the prices of their Citizenships by Investment to at least $200,000 for the main applicant. This is to take place from July onwards. What are the exact details, why is this happening, and what about Saint Lucia that will not raise its price? I asked these questions to Laszlo, who has been helping people obtain second citizenships for closet o 3 decades.

Easy: How to get Residency in Mexico

I had a chat with Sergei, who helped me get residency in Mexico, to discuss the various ways one get obtain residency in Mexico.