How to obtain Residency in Nicaragua

Why seek to obtain residency in Nicaragua?

  • An absolutely gorgeous country with mountains, beaches, and colonial towns.
  • A low cost of living; Nicaragua is competitively ranked in the Numbeo Cost of Living Index.
  • Affordable, quality real estate.
  • Geographic location – same timezone as North America. It’s fantastic for remote workers.
  • No taxes on worldwide income. Residents get taxed on Nicaraguan-sourced income only.
  • Many international schools.
  • Affordable healthcare.

What are the Residency options in Nicaragua?

  1. Permanent Residency through the Investor Visa
  2. Pensioner visa and Rentista Visa

1. How to obtain permanent residency in Nicaragua 

Nicaragua offers a fantastic deal for anyone willing to invest $30,000 into the local economy. If you do so, you are entitled to a 5 year permanent residency visa which can lead to citizenship down the line. All you need to do is create a corporation, and then invest at least $30,000 in a local business, real estate, or even agricultural or forestry investments. Forestry investments are actually one of the easiest and quickest ways to get the investor visa. Click here for a a first hand account.

You’ll need the following documentation to obtain your permanent residency in Nicaragua: 

  • Investment Registration Certificate issued by the MIFIC.
  • A certified copy of the Constitution of the Company or declaration as a merchant registered in the commercial register.
  • Copy of the commercial registration of the corresponding Municipality and the DGI.
  • Letter of application for registration
  • Card single taxpayer registration (RUC) (single copy)
  • Investment support documentation (single copy) Such as invoices, receipts, deed of purchase of real estate, purchase of inputs, vehicle fleet, professional services, office equipment, machinery and payroll.
  • General Power of Administration duly registered (single copy)
  • Limited power of attorney (single copy)
  • Deposit to General Directorate of Immigration for USD $400.00 aprox per applicant
  • Health check
  • Police check
  • Original passport and photographs
  • Birth and marriages certificates

My lawyer is really great and can help you with the process. He speaks English fluently, is highly regarded, and has offices in multiple cities in Nicaragua. 

Do note that you will need to show up in Nicaragua once every 6 months at a precise date to renew your local ID (Cedula).

Get in touch with me at or through the contact form below if you want to get the process started or have any question.

2. How to obtain the Rentista or Pensioner Visa in Nicaragua

To obtain a Pensioner visa, you must be at least 45 years old and prove a minimum of $1000 of fixed monthly income.

To obtain a Rentista visa, you must demonstrate at least $1250 of monthly passive investment income such as dividends or rental income.

You’ll need the following documentation to obtain your permanent residency in Nicaragua: 

  • Birth and marriages certificates

  • Health check

  • Police background check

  • Application form

  • Proof of pension (for pensioner visa)

  • Proof of passive investment income (for rentista visa)

Get in touch with me at or through the contact form below if you want to get the process started or have any question.

Don’t be fooled by dishonest lawyers

Some people will try to convince you that you need a lawyer to apply for residency in Nicaragua.

You don’t.

You can do it by yourself, and save a few hundred dollars in the process. The immigration department has all the information here.

That said, the process typically takes a few months. If you make a single mistake, then you are back to 0 and have to pay the government fees all over again. A good lawyer will save you a lot of time, stress, and potentially even money by helping you avoid making mistakes.

If you believe getting residency in Nicaragua is right for you, then send me an email to or contact me below to get in touch with my trusted lawyer.

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The residency services are performed by a lawyer. We at The Wandering Investor are just a middleman and therefore have no liability.

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