Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment

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People are increasingly opting for Citizenships by Investment, including Westerners who traditionally were not an important market for such schemes.

The reality is that in a world of ever greater geopolitical tension and government pressure on their citizens, having a second citizenship has become a necessary insurance for many families


Benefits of obtaining Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment

  • Visa-free access to over 120 countries including the EU, the UK, Ireland, and others.
  • One of the few Citizenship by Investment countries where taxes on foreign income for local tax residents is 0% . If you were to live in your new country you could do so tax-free with good structuring.
  • Can be obtained in as little as 4 months
  • No need to travel to Saint Lucia – can be done entirely remotely
  • The whole family can be included, including spouse, dependent children, dependent parents and grandparents


What most agents won’t tell you about the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment program

  • Access to the Shenghen zone is visa-free for Saint Lucia passport holders, but for how long? I don’t know. Potentially the EU could start making a distinction between “normal Saint Lucia citizens” and “Investment Saint Lucia Citizens” as the US started doing for some countries whereby it differentiates between various types of people within a country. I’m not saying this will happen, but it’s a risk. Ultimately, I don’t think it is necessarily that important. It’s a plan B, not a plan A.
  • Children and grandchildren born after the naturalization process have extra fees to incur to become citizens. It is not a “pure citizenship” with the same rights as existing citizens such as with the Turkish Citizenship by Investment.

This is why I work with Laszlo


Laszlo has been in the high-end immigration industry for close to 30 years. He is the MD of a company helping HNWI obtain second citizenships. He won’t try to up-sell you an overpriced piece of real estate, but rather tries to understand your needs to help you choose the programme that is best suited to you and your family. You can contact him using the form below.

What are the options for the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment?

The only real viable option is the donation route.

  • Single applicant: $100,000 + legal fees
  • Couples: $140,000 + legal fees
  • Families: $150,000 + legal fees

There is also a Bond option ($300,000 for 5 years) and a property investment option ($200,000). In the video Laszlo and I discussed why, counterintuitively, we believe the donation option is actually a better deal.

What about the real estate option for the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment option?

saint lucia development

Though it would be in Laszlo’s interest to sell the real estate option as the commissions are much higher (developers offer huge commissions), the reality is that these real estate projects are all overpriced. They are absolutely terrible investments based on a restricted market (only two projects are approved for the Saint Lucia citizenship by investment program) which means that after the mandatory holding period the value of the apartments is MUCH lower on the open market.

Laszlo went to Saint Lucia himself and saw the projects. He recommends against them from an investment point of view.


Main documents needed to apply for the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment

  • Certified copy of passport
  • Apostilled criminal background check
  • Apostilled marriage certificate
  • Apostilled Birth certificate
  • Source of funds
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