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San Juan Del Sur Real Estate Market: 2024 Investor’s Guide, Economic Trends in Nicaragua and Intriguing Case Studies

Prices of real estate have jumped all over Central America due to an influx of North Americans, Europeans, and speculation.
However one town where prices have not jumped since Covid, and are actually down since 2018, is San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua in spite of the town developing fast, and a lot of North Americans moving there.
There are now three international schools in this town, and one can find great value for money. In this video with my San Juan Del Sur realtor Natalie, we have a look at a typical house that families like to live in.

Making a Real Estate Investment in Medellin, Colombia – Unusually High Yields

In this in-depth analysis we will explore Colombia's broader economic landscape, the real estate investment market in Medellin, real-life property investment case studies, complete with detailed financials and I'll also take you through my own experience of buying a...

Asuncion Real Estate Market: Comprehensive Investor’s Guide 2024

Paraguay is gaining attention as a great location for those seeking a backup plan or "Plan B." This interest has always existed, but has intensified due to the rise in global tensions, making the prospect of a safe and distant off-grid community in Paraguay more...

Ultimate Guide to El Salvador Real Estate Market: 5 Positive Economic Trends, Insights & Analyses

El Salvador almost never attracted international attention until three years ago. Whenever it made headlines, it was related to its sky-high crime rate. In 2019 a new president was elected, Nayib Bukele, who then proceeded to radically change the country. He made two...

Budapest Real Estate Market: 2024 Investor’s Guide

Budapest is among the prettiest cities in Europe and it’s a market I know well having invested in real estate here for several years. However, is investing in the Budapest real estate market still a good idea? More importantly, is 2024 the right time to buy property...

Full Guide: Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Market

When people think of beach destinations in Mexico, two immediately come to mind: Cancun with its Caribbean coast, and Puerto Vallarta with its choice section of Pacific coast. I have done a lot of research on the Playa del Carmen real estate market, and the Tulum real...