I absolutely love Montenegro, and spend a few months every year there.

The warm water of the Adriatic, combined with amazing hiking in stunning national parks and skiing in Winter are not the only features that make Montenegro attractive.

Life is very affordable, yet luxury is around the corner in places such as Porto Montenegro. The locals are fun, in a very direct kind of way.

Montenegro is an increasingly popular place for people to get residency in Europe. It’s not a plan B residency, but rather a plan A as there are physical presence requirements to be able to renew easily.

Who is moving to Montenegro?

  • Eastern Europeans fleeing conflict.
  • Turks who don’t like politics back home.
  • Western Europeans who want a lower cost of living combined with amazing nature, low taxes, a relaxed lifestyle, and more freedom.
  • Anglos from all over the world who don’t want to deal with EU immigration and want an easy residency in a beautiful European country, and still be able to travel to the EU as tourists whenever they want.

In this video, I interviewed my immigration agent Andreas, who has helped some of my own family members move to Montenegro. He explains the pros and cons of each residency option, as well as the paperwork required to apply for residency.

Feel free to get in touch with Andreas to get residency in Montenegro.

If you’re looking for real estate in Montenegro, do get in touch with one of my favourite agents here.

Also, I wrote a whole analysis on the real estate market in Montenegro.

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