Hungary Golden Visa

If you are thinking about relocating to Hungary or having full Schengen access, we have great news for you!

Hungary is launching a Golden Visa with full Schengen access.

Budapest Parlement Hungary Golden Visa Program
Budapest Bridge Hungary Golden Visa

Why get the Hungary Golden Visa?

  • An absolutely gorgeous country in the heart of the EU and Europe.
  • Low cost of living; Hungary is competitively ranked in the Numbeo Cost of Living Index.
  • Affordable, quality real estate.
  • Geographic location – in Europe. Short flight away from Paris, London, Moscow, and Istanbul. Short drive away from Croatia, Prague and Vienna.
  • 9% corporate income tax, 15% personal income flat tax – amongst the lowest in Europe.
  • Multiple international schools.
  • Affordable healthcare.
  • Extremely safe.
  • Visa-free travel across the EU.

Your Options for Residency in Hungary

The Hungary Golden Visa was announced in late 2023. Until now, we don’t have the exact
details of how the program will work. It is expected to launch in September 2024. In the
meantime you can simply contact Laszlo below and ask him to keep you updated. As he
works directly with the Hungarian government, he will be the first to share updates on the
Hungary Golden Visa.

For now we know that there will be two options:

  • €250,000 in an approved Hungarian residential real estate fundacional
  • €500,000 directly into Hungarian real estate

What are the funds, will applicants be able to buy any real estate or only in some designated
developments, will it have to be a single property or could it be a combination of a few?

We don’t know the details for now. Laszlo can keep you posted.

Does the Hungary Golden Visa lead to citizenship?

On paper it can. In practice, it is very hard. You’d have to live about 10 years in Hungary, learn the notoriously complicated Hungarian language, and generally the requirements are extremely stringent. I wouldn’t do this for the citizenship, but would see it as an added bonus if it materialized.

What benefits does the Hungary Golden Visa offer compared to other EU Golden Visa programs?

Hungary offers the same benefits (EU travel, local healthcare, local schooling, etc) but has some competitive advantages:


  1. Real estate is actually great value in Budapest. It has amongst the cheapest EU capital
    cities per square meter prices, yet is a gorgeous city right in the heart of Europe. I wrote a long article on the real estate market in Hungary.
  2. Hungary is in a much better fiscal position than Southern EU countries and has much
    lower debt to GDP levels.
  3. It’s an incredibly safe place for your family. Unlike most Western European countries,
    there are very few personal safety risks. You can let your children and teenagers do
    their own thing and they will be fine.
  4. If you do become a tax resident of Hungary, which happens only if you spend
    significant time there, it is one of the lowest tax jurisdictions in Europe with a personal
    income tax rate of just 15%
  5. If you want to do business in the EU as a Hungarian resident, then creating a local
    company will be easy, as will local banking, and your corporate income tax rate will be
    just 9%, the EU’s lowest rate.

Which documents are required for the Hungary Golden Visa program?

We don’t know for now. Generally speaking apostilled birth and marriage certificates are
needed to bring dependents, a criminal background check, and proof of the investment you

What is the processing timeframe for the Hungary Golden Visa program?

The processing time-frame is currently unknown.

Contact Laszlo for the Hungary Golden Visa

Get in touch with Laszlo to ensure you have the latest updates on the Hungary Golden Visa. Laszlo is a licensed professional in Budapest who can assist you with the application process.