Internationalization Insights

Updates from the Private List about international banking, on-the-ground international real estate case studies, alternative investments, international company formation and international economics

Is a house in Puerto Vallarta a good investment? Case study with capitalization rates.

Paul & I sat down to discuss the Puerto Vallarta real estate investment market, and went through a detailed case study of a house for sale in the Zona Romantica of Puerto Vallarta.

Afternoon trip to a Finca for sale near Medellin – with ROI numbers

My Medellin Realtor Mauricio & I were having beers on a Saturday afternoon when we decided to check out a potential listing, which is a finca about an hour away from Medellin. I followed him on his fact finding mission and we then ran the ROI on this Antioquia finca.

12% net capitalization rate and rental yield in Cali, Colombia

Patrick showed me one his real estate projects in Cali where he expects his investment to make at least 10% net capitalization rate. He shows us the project and we go through the numbers in one of Colombia’s largest cities.

What to make of the copper mine protests in Panama? An expat’s perspective

I sat down with Calvin to get his on-the-ground perspective on the current protests in Panama with regards to the First Quantum Minerals mine and the potential implications on Panama as an expat jurisdiction.

Is investing in the Boquete, Panama, Real Estate Market worth it?

I spent some time in Boquete, Panama, exploring the local real estate market. These are my key takeaways.

The Pros and Cons of Opening a Bank Account in Panama as a Non-Resident

In this video, I sat down with Wi Men and Gionvanna, who run a small family office in Panama. They can help non-residents remotely open bank accounts in Panama.