Analyses of various countries’ economics to help guide one’s investments from a macro perspective

Impact of Suez Canal and Panama Canal Crises – with Calvin

I had a chat with Calvin about the repercussions of the reduced throughput of both the Panama Canal and the Suez Canal.

Geopolitical Risks 2024: War expansion in Europe and ME, Banking crisis

I had a discussion with Professor Tuomas Malinen, Associate Professor at the University of Helsinki, on the outlook for Geopolitics and risk in 2024.

Is Colombian real estate still investable following the election of Gustavo Petro?

A lot of people having been asking me about Colombian real estate following the election of Gustavo Petro. I spent quite a lot of time in Colombia last year exploring real estate and immigration opportunities. Overall my take was that Medellin was very interesting as...

Uranium, Coal, Cold War, Cannabis – Investing in the 2020’s

Back in Istanbul I caught up with Scott Osheroff. He has been living, working, and investing in Asia for a decade. We used this opportunity to discuss some of the themes we are currently invested in, or are considering investing in. We also touched base on what I...

Is investing in Turkey viable?

There is much noise in Western media regarding Turkey. What is the economic situation really like? Is investing in Turkey viable? You might be wondering why I am writing such an article. I do this because it's part of my process. Before even diving into the micro...

8 reasons why the Economy in Egypt is poised for strong growth

Curfews were in place, the army was patrolling in the streets and people were snitching on their neighbours. I had to leave. Am I referring to Egypt? No. I was in Covid Europe and fled to Egypt, not expecting to find an economy geared for growth. Looking at Egypt's...