International Tax Consulting

Too many dodgy middlemen try to sell offshore structures that are not adapted to your needs, in order to make a quick buck… Quality International Tax Consulting can save you a lot of time, money, and stress.

Sure, you can easily open an offshore company in the Seychelles and pay 0% tax there.

But will your country of tax residency accept this and let you get away with it? In many cases, no.

Will any reputable bank accept you? Probably not. And even if a bank in the Seychelles were to open a corporate bank account for you, would your personal bank even let you repatriate your profits? Maybe not.

Will most offshore incorporators let you know these potential issues before you wire them a few thousand dollars after having spent hours collecting and sending documents? Probably not. 

Will your local accountant tell you ways to legally reduce your tax burden now that you are an international person? Most likely not. And not because he doesn’t want you to know, but rather because international tax is a completely difference space that requires specific expertise.

This is why we at The Wandering Investor are collaborating with a number of international tax experts

We offer incorporation services in various countries. But before people use our partner lawyers, we want to make sure they have an option to get a proper understanding of the implications of the various structures.

For non-US people

Expect to pay between €1000 and €2000 for a consultation with a tax expert who will answer ALL your questions with regards to international tax matters for non-US individuals and businesses. He’ll help you craft your international tax strategy and then refer you to the appropriate professionals to help you implement your tax strategy. Send a brief and he’ll give you a quote.

For US people (US citizen, resident, green card holder):

Other experts deal with US people. The reality is that hundreds of thousands of high net worth Americans are trying to leave the US, but there are not that many experts in international taxation for US people. Many people claim they have the skill-set, but few people actually do. If you are a US person, send me a detailed, precise brief with what you are looking for, and I’ll put you in touch with the appropriate expert IF that person is a good fit for your particular issue.

Preventing is MUCH cheaper than curing

It’s easy to think that spending such sums of money is “too much”. But the reality is that a single small mistake in international tax matters can easily cost you 20x more, and many sleepless months. The last thing you want is having the tax authorities clamping down on you.

Having the right international strategy is priceless and the Return on Investment is often immediate as the experts help you exploit loopholes, and most importantly prevent you from many expensive mistakes.

Discuss your case with experts and get clarity – it’s well worth it.

Solve your international tax issues now

Fill out the form below or send an email to and we can take it form there. Note: We as The Wandering Investor are not involved in the International Tax Consulting sessions and therefore have no liability. We are just a referral partner.