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A unique contrarian investing newsletter

I had a great time interviewing Chris who runs a contrarian investing hedge fund. I’ve been a subscriber of his Capitalist Exploits newsletter for two years.

He’s been around the block. We discussed how to position our portfolios for an age of conflict.

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A data-driven investment newsletter and Discord group

Calvin is widely followed on Twitter for his data-driven insights. He runs an investment newsletter which is heavily based on his unique sources of data. The Discord group is also very active with members contributing an sharing a lot.


It’s very low risk to try. You can sign up for just a month and take it from there.
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Louis James

Great Free Newsletter on Commodities Investing

I firmly believe that we entered a cycle in which a lot of money will be made in commodities, including precious metals. One way to play this trend, is to invest in mining companies as they provide greater leverage (and risk) than just holding the metal itself. There are three ways you can go about investing in mining shares:

1. Buy ETFs such as the GDX and GDXJ. As in every ETF, you are not only buying good companies but also the bad ones.

2. Wing it by spending a bit of time online and buying shares of mining companies that seem promising. This is the best way to lose money.

3. EDUCATE YOURSELF. Subscribe to various Youtube channels in the mining space and follow experts.

Louis James is one of them. I greatly value his insight and no BS attitude. He, like me, is more of a fundamentalist than a technical trader. Sign up to his free mailing list (Speculator’s Digest) which provides really good information. Later on you can upgrade, or not, to a paid subscription with greater insight.

I’m a satisfied customer. I subscribe to his entry level service “My Take” which is fantastic value for money as it provides you with analysis on hundreds of mining stocks. It’s really helped guide my investments. Click here to check out the website

Interactive Brokers

My Favourite Broker for International Stocks

As an international markets investor, having a reliable broker with access to multiple markets is absolutely crucial. Interactive Brokers is my favourite broker due to a few reasons:

1. It’s remarkably easy to open an account with IB, residents of most countries in the world can open an account with them.

2. The trading platform is easy to use and is lower cost than the vast majority of other platforms.

3. It is the trading platform with access to the largest amount of markets. On one platform I can trade in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, most markets in Europe, Russia, Japan, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and many more markets.

I’m a satisfied customer. Click here for more information.

paraguay organic farm

Off-grid Plan B community in Paraguay

This community is Paraguay has it all: Off-grid, organic farm, school, gun range, industrial 3D printer, shops, bars, restaurants, fiber-optic internet, an international environment etc.

If you are looking to get away from this world, or want a Plan B in case things take a bad turn, this community offers a unique solution.

More information, including a full documentary, on this off-grid community in Paraguay.

Bank Account Remotely

Open a Bank Account in Panama REMOTELY

I interviewed Giovanna and her husband Wi Men, who run a family office based out of Panama. They help people open bank accounts remotely, and can also create Panama corporations that can be used to trade stocks and/or crypto on major exchanges. Watch this video to understand how to open a bank account remotely in Panama.

I also wrote an article on the pros and cons of opening a bank account in Panama.

Bank Account Remotely

Full-service accounts for non-residents

This team of Germans and Spaniards living in Georgia help people remotely open bank accounts in Georgia the country. I wrote a whole article on the pros and cons of opening a bank account in Georgia here.

Such service, available to non US people, is great as the service offered in Georgia is of really good quality, and in some cases you can even open a brokerage account together with your bank account that gives you access to the markets in the US, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, and all over Europe. The online banking is really good as well.

Click here to find out more about this service.

Bank Account Remotely

A very interesting solution

Giovanna and her husband Wi Men run a small family office out of Panama City and help their clients open Panama Corporations through which they can trade crypto, precious metals and the stockmarket. They also help their clients open corporate accounts with major, international crypto exchanges and brokerages.

This is particularly interesting for people who move a lot or live in territorial tax systems.

Watch the video here to find out more, or send an email to set up a free call with Giovanna to get more information:

Give Birth in Mexico for Citizenship and Permanent Residency

Giving birth in Mexico is one life’s greatest hacks:

  • The child is born Mexican from day 1
  • The parents, grandparents, and siblings can all get Permanent Residency
  • This special Permanent Residency has an accelerated path to citizenship (2 years)

Click here for more information on giving birth in Mexico

A newsletter with monthly stock ideas from around the world

Swen from Germany runs a unique newsletter that has about 10 stock ideas per year. I really enjoy his in-depth reports. I occasionally invest in some of his ideas, but always read his reports as they are intellectually stimulating and the theses are well laid out.

If you don’t want to subscribe he also has a free newsletter that is interesting as well. You have nothing to lose by signing up.

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