Give Birth in Mexico for Citizenship

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 Why give birth in Mexico?

  • Amazing, affordable healthcare with English-speaking medical professionals
  • Much better customer service than in many “first world” countries
  • Affordability of extra services such as midwives, doulas, breastfeeding consultants, etc
  • Home births with midwives and doctors are legal in Mexico
  • Relaxing environment with great apartments, and the Caribbean nearby to go swimming and relaxing
  • Your child automatically becomes a Mexican citizen
  • The parents of the child can get permanent residency in Mexico
  • Both sets of grandparents of the child can get permanent residency in Mexico
  • The siblings of the child can get Mexican permanent residency
  • This special permanent residency through “blood” has an accelerated path to citizenship. Permanent Residents must simply stay 18 out of any 24 months in Mexico to qualify.
  • Mexican citizens have the same preferential access to the labour market as Canadian citizens. Typically non-US people have to apply for a H1B visa which is very hard to get due to strict quotas, but as a Canadian or Mexican citizen all you need is a job offer. With this job offer you apply for a TN visa (NAFTA professional visa) and can then live and work in the United States. There aren’t any quotes for this visa type. It’s simply procedural. It’s an amazing opportunity to have access to the US labour market later in life. The list of professions and jobs that qualify for this TN visa and NAFTA professional visa can be found here.

Essentially, by having a child in Mexico, you give the whole family a Plan B for life, and the child will have a great second citizenship from day 1.

Sergei runs a company specializing in helping women give birth in Mexico, and deals with all the paperwork linked to citizenship and permanent residency

white family with three children on beach

Sergei has been living in Mexico for many years with his family. Two of his three children were born in Mexico, so he and his wife understand the process from A to Z. They have helped hundreds of women and families implement their Child Birth and residency / citizenship plans in Mexico.

You can get in touch with him using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

What can Sergei and his team help you with?

1. All the paperwork related to giving birth in Mexico

Yes, you are entitled to all these documents, but the paperwork is not straightforward. Sergei will help your family from A to Z

  • Obtaining the birth certificate
  • Obtaining the Mexican passport and ID of the child
  • Obtaining permanent residency for the whole family (parents, grandparents, siblings under the age of 18)

For each of the points, Sergei and his team will set up documents, prepay the fees online for you, tell you where & when to go, will give you the documents in hand. All you’ll need to do is stand in line where you are told to stand in line, and wait.

As lovely as Mexico is, it is a very bureaucratic country and things are not always straightforward.

2. Assistance with the birth itself

baby holding hand

This is the most important part. Sergei and his team have helped hundreds of women go through the child birth experience.

Overall, it is much more affordable than in North America and private facilities in Europe, but the service, competency, and amenities are just as good if not better.

Depending on the experience you are looking for, Sergei and his team will be able to implement it for you.

  • C-section? No problem.
  • Natural birth? Not an issue.
  • Home birth? Of course.

Depending on what you are looking for, Sergei is able to recommend the best doctors and teams to fit your exact wishes.

Also, prior to the birth you can ask for special yoga sessions, pilates, massages, acupuncture, etc

3. Post natal care


In many cases, the few weeks and months after birth can be even more stressful than the birth itself. Sergei and his team will help you with all the right experts.

  • Pediatricians
  • Post natal counseling
  • Doulas
  • Breast feeding experts

4. All the other logistics

  • Airport transfers
  • Finding an apartment
  • Buying or renting a car
  • Family and baby photoshoots
  • Care packages
  • Shopping for the mother and the future baby
  • Beauty services such as home pedicures, manicures, hair stylists, etc
  • Spanish courses

You are free to choose whatever you want

pregnant woman on laptop

Sergei has a number of packages, which are customizable. Giving birth is never one size fits all. He and his team will do the utmost to ensure you get the experience you wish for.

Make sure to get in touch with him to get an overview of his packages to give birth in Mexico for citizenship and permanent residency.

Contact Sergei - Childbirth in Mexico

Full transcript of “Give Birth in Mexico for Citizenship”

LADISLAS MAURICE: Hello, everyone. Ladislas Maurice from So today, we’ll be discussing birth tourism in Mexico. So first, I’ll be mentioning why, from an immigration point of view, and then, two, Sergei, who has an agency helping women give birth here in Mexico, will elaborate on the whole process, and all the advantages as well of giving birth here in Mexico. So from an immigration point of view, giving birth in Mexico is an absolute no-brainer. So the child automatically becomes a Mexican citizen. And then you, as the parents of a naturally-born Mexican citizen, are entitled immediately to permanent residency for life, as well as the grandparents and the siblings. So just by having a child here, not only is the child a Mexican citizen, but the whole family has got a Plan B. And permanent residency does not equate tax residency, so it doesn’t automatically trigger tax residency. So it’s a fantastic Plan B in a beautiful country.

Now, Sergei, so that’s for the immigration part. In terms of the actual important part, which is giving birth, which is a big deal, I understand that, you know, as a male, if I were to ask my partner, oh, you know, leave your comfortable country and then come to Mexico for childbirth, it’s a big step.

SERGEI: Yeah. But it’s a big opportunity. Firstly, for the baby, because it’s like a present for his whole life. Mexican passport, it’s the usually second passport, because the first it’s the passport of the parents where they are. And the second it’s from the Mexico, which opens like all the doors from the whole world, it’s more than 150 countries for traveling without the visa, or the Schengen zone, or the Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan, and so on, a lot of, lot of countries.

Secondly, it’s a big opportunity for the whole family, as you already told. PR cards for everyone, for everybody. And after, if they will decide to stay here in Mexico for two years, they can bring the documents to the passport office and to start the process for the whole family with Mexican passports. In two years.

LADISLAS MAURICE: Yeah, that’s a very good point. When you obtain permanent residency essentially through blood, then to obtain citizenship here, you only need to stay 18 months out of a two-year period, to be able to apply for Mexican citizenship. And the process is not that complicated. I know you help people with it.


LADISLAS MAURICE: But I mean, you need to learn Spanish. You know, fair enough, it’s not that complicated to learn, it’s actually very pleasant to learn. And you need to pass a test on Mexican culture, which, again, if you’re going to be living here for 18 months out of two years, you might as well learn Spanish and a bit about the country that you’re going to become a citizen of. So really amazing opportunity. Now, in terms of the whole medical aspect, can you explain the whole process, how it works, like the services that your agency offers?

SERGEI: Mexico is a really popular country for the medical tourism. More than 3 million tourists from US, Canada, Great Britain come especially for the medical tourism. And Cancun, it’s the great place. It’s one of the top 10 resort from the whole world. It’s really popular, with a good climate, the best sea, best beaches, and of course, the best medicine. We have different hospitals with international certifications. And we have a huge number of different doctors. All the hospital is totally equipped with all the stuff. And you can easily have a baby here without any problems, and it’s cheaper than in different countries in the whole world.

And you just come here in maybe 32, 34 weeks up to 36, depends by the aircraft company rules. And usually, in one month, you had a baby, and immediately after, we will start all the processes. We have totally support from the very beginning till the end. We help you with the transfer, with the accommodation, with the rent the cars, with consultations, because we have personal assistants. The woman who can help you with doctors, with choosing, with communication, and even she will be with you during the childbirth process inside the hospital, from the beginning to the end, and after we will start the paperwork process.

Firstly, we prepare the birth certificate for the baby. Then we start with the PR for the parents and Mexican passport for the baby. And sometimes, for example, now we had a case, just like one month from the beginning to the end, the family come, had the baby, make all the documents, and it was less than one month. It’s extremely short time, but usually it takes until two and three months, two up to three usually is enough time to prepare everything, to take a rest, to have baby, to prepare all the documents, and that’s all.

LADISLAS MAURICE: And this is a process that you went through essentially with your wife?

SERGEI: Yes, yes.

LADISLAS MAURICE: That’s how you decided to launch this agency because you had your first child here?

SERGEI: Second child.

LADISLAS MAURICE: Your second child?

SERGEI: Yeah. The first child was from other country, but we came six years ago, about six years ago. We went through all the processes, and we now provide this service for all the families who want to make the same steps like us.

LADISLAS MAURICE: And so, for example, not every woman wants to have a birth in a hospital. Do you also offer home birth services, etc.?

SERGEI: Yeah, depends by the situation, because we have different families who say that we want only C-section. No problem, we will find the best doctor for the surgeries. Who want the natural birth, we find the best doctor with humanized experience of the childbirth like natural way. And the family who wants to make childbirth at home, of course, we have different midwives, home midwives, and we organize all the support with the professional doula, not only with our assistants. And during these six years, we had a lot of experience and we know all the doctors, all the midwives, and we can provide during all the steps with pleasure.

LADISLAS MAURICE: So for all the guys out there who find this a very interesting Plan B from a paperwork point of view, what Sergei does, essentially, he takes the whole stress out of the experience for the wife. So she just comes, airport transfer, there’s already a car, there’s a nice apartment. There’s some stunning apartments all over the region, with nice swimming pools. Then you can go, with your wife, you can go swimming in the Caribbean every day before the birth, it’s really good, she can relax. And then she gets the type of birth that she wants with the best doctors in the region. And then the whole paperwork is taken care of. And then the whole support, like you say, with the doula, with the–

SERGEI: Midwife.

LADISLAS MAURICE: with the midwives, etc. So the whole, Sergei is there to essentially take all the stress away from you.


LADISLAS MAURICE: He takes it on, and then you can just focus on the child and the experience of giving birth.


LADISLAS MAURICE: So it’s a very valuable service. Because I understand giving birth abroad is, I mean, giving birth is very stressful. I mean, I don’t know, but from what I can see, it’s quite a stressful experience. And it’s even more so if you go abroad in a new country. So a service such as Sergei’s is absolutely invaluable. So if you’re interested in finding out more about Sergei’s birth tourism services, there is a link below.


LADISLAS MAURICE: All right. Fantastic.


LADISLAS MAURICE: Sergei, thank you very much.

SERGEI: Thank you. Bye.


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