High ROI Real Estate for investing in the Greece Golden Visa

Now that Portugal is on the cusp of ending its Golden Visa option for real estate investors, there aren't many ways left to get EU access. Hungary is increasing the physical presence...

What is a Lock Off Condo & Crazy Architecture in Tulum, Mexico

Luigi took me to Tulum to explain what a Lock Off condo is and why it’s interesting for investors. The development he showed me was also quite unique from an architectural point of view as well.

Buying Montenegro Real Estate – a Case Study with ROI figures

Get in touch with Ksenija for all your real estate needs in Montenegro: ksenija@thewanderinginvestor.com. Make sure to include your Whatsapp number if you use it.

Why is the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program misunderstood?

There are too many misconceptions about the Turkish Citizenship by Investment program, especially in Western circles. In this video with my Istanbul realtor and my friend Brian we attempt to set the record straight.

Is Citizenship by Investment dead? Making sense of the recent changes

At the end of June Saint Kitts & Nevis announced that they were extending their $25,000 discount for citizenship until the end of January 2024. Effectively this meant a price tag of $125,000 + fees. Suddenly, last week, the government...

Panama Friendly Nations Visa through Work Permit and Company Formation

Making a $200k deposit or real estate investment is NOT the only way to get residency through the Friendly Nations Visa. I obtained my residency in Panama by creating a local corporation, which is A LOT more affordable and does not tie up $200k. In this video my immigration agents explain the process.

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