How to obtain Residency in Colombia

obtain residency in colombia

There are many reasons to obtain residency in beautiful Colombia:


What are the Residency options in Colombia?

It’s important to distinguish between “Migrant visas” and “Residency”

Migrant visas are granted for 3 years. You must show up at least once every 6 months in Colombia to keep the visa active. At year 3 you can renew your visa if you still fit the original criteria. After 5 years, you can apply for “(Permanent) Residency”.

(Permanent) Residency is typically granted for 5 years. You must show up at least once every 2 years in Colombia to keep the visa active. After 5 years of residency, if you established enough links in Colombia, you can apply for citizenship.

The most common 3-year Migrant Visas

1. Retirement migrant visa

If you can demonstrate 3 minimum wages (about $800) per month, then you are eligible for a retirement migrant visa. The regular pension payments must come from a government source or from widely recognized private pension providers.

2. Rentista migrant visa

If you can demonstrate passive, regular income of 10 times the minimum wage (about $2700), then you can be eligible for a rentista migrant visa. The passive income can be comprised of dividends, interest, rental income, annuities, and even disability payments.

3. Real estate migrant visa

If you purchase Colombian real estate for at least 350 minimum wages (about $93,000), then you quality for a real estate migrant visa. It’s known as the cheap real estate option.

4. Other migrant visas

Starting a small business, marriage to a local, getting a job, etc. There are many options.

The most common 5-year (permanent) Residency option

Investing in a business or in real estate can help you obtain (permanent) residency in Colombia

This one is the holy grail of easy Plan B options in Colombia. Buy 650 times the local minimum wage worth of Colombian real estate and obtain (permanent) residency. You must show up once every two years to keep it active. The government seeks to reward foreign investors by offering them a lot of flexibility.

Meet my lawyer Alan

My lawyer Alan and his team will take good care of you. He is a US-based attorney that has a law firm in both New York and in Colombia. His team is used to working with foreigners and helping them obtain residency in Colombia. His prices are surprisingly affordable as he has made the process as efficient as possible.

Watch the Youtube video below that I recorded with him in which we discuss the various immigration options to Colombia, and some little-known facts on the topic.

There is also an express service in case you are in a rush to obtain residency in Colombia

how to obtain residency in colombia

The residency services are performed by an external lawyer. We at The Wandering Investor have no liability.

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