Who is Internationalization and Diversification Consulting* for?

  • You believe in internationalization and diversification, as having everything in your own country or in a single asset class is not as safe as you are led to believe?
  • You are looking for a Plan B?
  • You want to minimize your investments in Western countries due to their high taxes, ever changing regulations, and low yields?
  • You have saved up enough cash to make an investment, and would like to get started?
  • You would like to invest in real estate in an emerging market and are wondering how to go about it, which markets are potentially interesting, and what pitfalls to avoid?
  • You would like to obtain a second residency in another country to maximize your freedom?
  • You would like to obtain a second citizenship? There are ways to do so without paying lots of money for Caribbean passports.
  • You want better bank accounts that will suit your international needs and offer diversification?
  • You are interested in investing in far-off frontier stock markets with a small portion of your assets to get true diversification?
  • You have a specific market in mind, where I’ve operated, and would like some information or feedback before making a decision?
  • You understand that investing outside your own country typically comes with greater risk and communication challenges, but are up to the challenge?

If you answered yes to some of the above, then you’ve found the right person to talk to.  Click here to find out more about me.

I am not an online Guru

real estate investment budapest hungary

I’m not some guy who suddenly appeared online with great marketing.

I used to sit on the executive board of Nestlé Ghana, the food multinational, managing a $90 million business across a few West African countries for a few years.

I then left corporate to become a full-time investor. As you can see from by blog, my Instagram, and my Youtube channel, I travel full-time looking at investment, residency, and citizenship opportunities across the globe.

Importantly, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Why do I offer this? Because I’m not some online guru hoping to make a quick buck. You only pay after the session if you feel you got value out of it.

Go ahead and book a session with me. You won’t regret it. You will save yourself weeks of Google research, avoid many traps of the offshore world, and get a great ROI from our session.

If you are rather looking for international tax consulting, then please click here to find out about the tax experts I collaborate with

“Maurice is a honest consultant with great knowledge on world macro economics and has specific detailed knowledge and has invested himself in emerging countries, which is very valuable, clearly will help you not make more expensive mistakes that will cost you much more than his fee.
Also you can count on someone who is not a fake guru that will tell you they have the answer for everything, when he does not master a subject he will tell you. I am very satisfied with his service.”

Working with Ladislas has been a great opportunity to find amazing investment ideas, strenghthen my internationalization plan and learn very valuable tips and information about being a location-independent businessman and investor.
I initially wanted to work with him because he has first hand experience and success with all of this stuff. I was far from disappointed. He went the extra mile to offer one of the highest quality service a consultant has ever delivered to me, I was very impressed by his work ethics.
You can expect expertise, clarity, humility, honesty and transparency from him. If he doesn’t know something or gets a commission on a service he recommends to you, he will tell you right away.
Being very satisfied with his work, I highly recommend his services. I can say with confidence that you won’t be disappointed.
Pierre (7-figure entrepreneur wishing to remain anonymous)

Become a client

or send an email to info@thewanderinginvestor.com

*an internationalization and diversification consulting session is a discussion about your portfolio and objectives based on my experience. It does not constitute legal, financial, tax or investment advice. 

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