Alternative Investments

Alternative investments for internationalization and diversification of your assets

Investing in the Stock Market in HUNGARY, good value or value trap?

joined one of Swen Lorenz’s research field trips to find out about the Hungarian stockl market and locally- as well as regionally-listed equities. We went to Magyar Telekom, OTP Group, Erste Bank, Raiffeissen, ANY and MOL. This interview summarizes some of the key learnings.

Why John Polomny is investing in Oil related stocks

I had a quick discussion with John Polomnu whose Youtube channel and newsletter I’ve been subscribed to for a number of years. We discussed oil, why he is long various oil equities, and how to play this market.

Commodities, why NOT buy into Indexes, and Developments in Central Asia

I had a catch-up with Scot Osheroff to discuss the economy, commodities, why not buy into indexes, and development in Central Asia

Investing in the New Fertile Crescent

The World is changing at an accelerated pace, especially in a region called the "New Fertile Crescent". The world as we knew it, a world of Western domination, is fast disappearing. The West, of course, will always have an importance role to play, but the days of our...

Investing in completely uncorrelated markets

Most asset classes fared poorly in 2022. African frontier stock markets were one of the few that in aggregate performed relatively well. In this episode, I interviewed Tim, an Australian based out of Tanzania who runs an African equities fund. We discussed the markets...

Review of Capitalist Exploits Newsletter

In this video, I sat down with Chris MacIntosh to discuss some of the biggest mistakes investors make, and his views on bonds and energy.

Investing in Asian value stocks

Investing in Asian value stocks

I had a discussion with Michael Fritzell of Asian Century Stocks, a Swede who has been living and investing in Asia for 15...