The Panama Friendly Nations Visa – Cost

On this page you’ll get the list of all documents required to apply for the Panama Friendly Nations Visa, as well as the cost breakdown.


Why seek to obtain the Friendly Nations Visa in Panama?

  • An absolutely gorgeous country with mountains, beaches, colonial towns and a large international city.
  • A low cost of living; Panama is competitively ranked in the Numbeo Cost of Living Index.
  • Quality real estate.
  • Geographic location – same timezone as North America. It’s fantastic for remote workers.
  • No taxes on worldwide income. Residents get taxed on Panama-sourced income only.
  • Many international schools.
  • Affordable healthcare.
  • Good banking infrastructure.
  • The Friendly Nations Visa in Panama is well worth its cost; it is a permanent residency. All you need to do to keep the permanent residency active is to show up in Panama for at least one day, every two years.

1. Who can, and how to, obtain this permanent residency? 

Panama offers a permanent residency permit approximately just 3 months after your application for citizens holding passports of the following countries: Great Britain, Germany, Argentina, Australia, Republic of Korea, Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Spain, USA, Ireland, Norway, Switzerland, France, Slovakia, Netherlands, Japan, Sweden, Greece, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Uruguay, Singapore, Finland, Montenegro, South Africa, New Zealand, Denmark, Croatia, Portugal, Chile, Serbia, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Andorra, San Marino, Luxembourg, Latvia, Cyprus, Malta, Israel, Taiwan, Hungary, Estonia, Hong Kong, Costa Rica and Mexico.

All you need to do is own shares of a Panamanian corporation, which you can accomplish by creating a new corporation or buying shares of an existing one. There isn’t any required investment in order to apply for the Panama Friendly Nations Visa / permanent residency.

2. What documentation do you need and what is the cost of the Panama Friendly Nations Visa

  • Power of Attorney and formal application (lawyer will process).

  • Three (3) passport size photos per applicant.

  • Complete copy of passport duly notarized by Panamanian Public Notary (lawyer will process).

  • Health Check

  • Certified Check of $250 to the National Treasure per applicant.

  • Certified Check for $800 to the National Immigration Service per applicant.

  • Criminal history background check (Criminal Record). Validity term of 6 months from its issuance date or the validity term in the document if there is one). This document must be Apostilled, or it must be authenticated by the Embassy or Consulate of Panama in that country.

  • Copy of applicant’s second ID (other than passport), from applicant’s country of origin such as driver’s license or government issued photo I.D.

  • Personal history form (lawyer will provide).

  • A bank reference letter, from a licensed bank in Panama, addressed to: “Servicio Nacional de Migración”, that certifies that the applicant has at least $4,500  deposited in a “personal bank account” (in client’s personal name), or the account balance statement of the last month at the time of the application, with the bank’s certified stamp. This account is only to prove your economic solvency and you will be free to use this money as you wish once your application has been processed.

  • Birth and marriages certificates and proof of address in Panama (this docs only apply in case of dependents on the principals application).

My lawyer is really great and can help you with the process. He speaks English fluently, is highly regarded, and is readily available per email and even WhatsApp.

The total cost of the Panama Friendly Nations Visa application, including legal fees, all expenses related to the process for a principal applicant, and the corporation is $5,000. This sum includes the certified checks of $1,050 for government fees. Add $550 for each dependent.

Get in touch with me at or through the contact form below if you want to get the process started or have any question. My lawyer is quick, reliable, and a pleasure to work with. You won’t be disappointed.

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Important to understand: The residency services are performed by a lawyer. We at The Wandering Investor are a middleman and therefore have no liability.