Tax Strategy for US Citizens

US Citizens

Lower your taxes—legally

Manage US compliance overseas

Live a better lifestyle abroad

… Are you a US citizen or permanent resident who is looking to legally reduce their tax burden while staying compliant with all US tax laws?

… Do you wish you could sit down with an expert who truly understands internationalization for US people without needing to overpay just to get a plan?

… Have burning questions you want to get answered around how to handle your unique tax situation that factors in your unique business and travels?

Who is this consultation for?

You are a US citizen and are looking to legally reduce your tax burden while navigating the complex system of citizenship-based taxation that is often a challenge for expats 

You are looking for a trusted tax lawyer who can professionally guide you through your questions and tax planning so that you remain able to pursue your international lifestyle 

Whether you are just getting started or you have been into international living for quite some time, we can address your situation with a full 360º perspective

Explore your tax strategy options from an expert specializing in US expats—affordably

If you are not an US citizen, please see this page for other options.

Here’s What You Get:

6 months of  in-depth, 1-on-1 coaching online for a 360º strategy: this is the time to sort tax & expand your options

US citizens have a unique set of challenges when reporting and optimizing their international strategy


  • Get 2 x monthly sessions over Zoom or phone
  • Focus on your particular set of factors at play rather than general theorems—and without over-paying 
  • Meet from anywhere in the world and take action 

Email correspondence and private client journey so you can easily stay on track with next action steps

The magic is in the details with this work. Get the ability to get your burning questions answered and correspond with your coach and team of experts directly and ongoingly.

  • Work with a team who respects privacy and efficiency
  • Get anwerson tax implications and overall expectations 
  • Avoid overlooking key details that can destroy plan effectiveness—save trouble along the way 


Assistance with document collection that is key for executing your custom tax, business, and lifestyle setup

Document collection is actually where many clients get stuck, and managing the needed documentation, reporting, and data for your plan is actually one of the most important steps to ensuring this becomes a reality.

  • Understand which documents are needed, which aren’t
  • Learn where to source these documents and certificates
  • Work with someone who knows where to point out discrepancies and best practices for ironclad paperwork 


Inquire For a Quote

This offering is high-end but affordable, and requires a custom consultation. Reach out with the form below to request more information and we will see if and how we can help you get where you want to go.

Accompaniment on tax attorney meetings so you feel supported and clear with your whole process

Don’t feel like you are left in the dark without the right “listening in” to the process. Ensure your needs are properly addressed  

  • Optional: Have your coach participate with you on tax attorney sessions and debrief feedback / decision points
  • Maintain continuity throughout your customer journey 

The Wandering Investor™ network of vetted professional introductions & referrals for any other execution needs

Not only will your coach and the experts you work with address how to execute—you can also reach out and get the right personal introductions for… 

  • Diversifying second residencies and citizenships 
  • Understanding global banking and company formation
  • Asset protection, privacy, digital footprint, and more 

Bonus: Recommended reading

Between sessions and action steps we will be sending you some recommended reading (print or ebook) that can help you really immerse in the advanced philosophy of international living! 

Company Formation

Bonus: Retirement, 401K, IRA Strategy Review

A key part of many of our clients’ financial plans and lifestyle strategies involves optimizing retirement. As part of our work, we will be: 

  • Assessing current status of your retirement assets and where they can best be placed
  • Exploring additional options for how and where to live as a retired overseas US expat

Who I Am and Why I Believe in This Work . . . 

As a global traveler, my passion is understanding different markets and cultures and the challenges free individuals face when creating their best lifestyle. While I myself am not a US citizen, many friends and colleagues of mine share the struggle of having to stay compliant with citizenship-based taxation while also increasing freedom, reducing one’s tax bill, and pursuing an international way. 

I left corporate to become a full-time investor and today, this is my real passion. I spend my days traveling and discovering new investment, residency, and citizenship opportunities across the globe—and reporting my findings here at The Wandering Investor blog as well as on Instagram and YouTube. I also really believe in being able to service clients from all backgrounds with the offering that speak to their particular challenges based on where they are joining this space from. 

That’s why I am so excited to partner with a small group of highly-vetted professionals who are the best, most sought-after in their field for helping US clients get results. I also want the ROI to be strong without demanding excessive fees that this industry can be plagued with. I believe in the powerful ROI of good planning and building a diverse strategy and I invite you to a step into this for yourself and see how we can help you with your unique situation. 

Your ROI: Tax and Beyond for US Citizen Looking for Better Life

Wondering about the return on investment of a consultation with The Wandering Investor’s tax experts? Here are some considerations for your ROI: 

1. Lower Your Net Effective Tax Rate

Our goal is to help you legally lower your tax burden to as low of a rate as possible while also making sure you are staying compliant. What might be possible for your situation? Let’s see. 

2. Reduce Complexity and Paperwork

Sometimes, you have to go to a location yourself to research information on the ground. We might have a lot of the information you are looking for, thus saving you a research trip, with its costs (and opportunity costs) taking you away from other work.

3. Save Time and Frustration 

I’ve been there myself, and you can too without the wasted time. It is too easy to spend days Googling the “right” strategies or comparing alternatives. Based on learnings from experience, I can save you a lot of time and frustration—and our tax experts are trained in current law. 

4. Avoid Costly Mistakes

Sometimes you go into a new strategy unprepared and make a mistake related to something you hadn’t thought of, or because you weren’t properly prepared administratively. Each market has it quirks. Learn from my mistakes instead!

5. Discover Entirely New Lifestyle Opportunities 

There are certain lifestyle and diversification opportunities that we can discuss which may not be part of your portfolio now but are potential winners for you. For some reason they were not on your radar and you now see the opportunities and can pursue them effectively.

Inquire to Learn More

Feel free to include details about what factors are important to your plan. e.g. location, budget, travel freedoms, etc.

A Personal Note from The Wandering Investor

One thing I know about the offshore world is that the best way to get results is to take strategic action, one step at a time, and see your ROI and wins come in without overly complicating the story for yourself.

Too often I see brilliant (and very successful) people stop themselves in their own success because they are concerned with finding the “perfect” path forward, when in reality, there are a number of choices they could take to get them the lifestyle and returns they seek.

The essential part is reaching out to ask for help where you need it and taking action so you can move the needle where it will most benefit you and your interests. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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*The referral portion of this service is a general discussion based on the personal experience and personal biases of The Wandering Investor LLC’s employees and directors. It does NOT constitute legal, financial, tax or investment advice. It also should NOT be understood to be legal, financial, tax or investment advice. That advice comes directly from the tax professionals with whom you will consult. Always do your own due diligence and always speak to an accredited professional in your jurisdiction before making ANY investment decision and ANY decision that could impact your personal situation including but not limited to taxes. The Wandering Investor LLC does not make any guarantee of income or specific financial gains.

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