Back in March I applied for residency in Paraguay.

My immigration agent Aleksandr helped me with the process. I just had to bring some documents from my home country, and he set me up with the police department for my fingerprints and then the immigration department. I also gave him power of attorney so that he could pick up my residency card once it’s ready at which point he’ll just DHL it to me.

The whole process took a few days and was very easy thanks to his help.

Why am I getting residency in Paraguay?

Because it’s both a great Plan A and an even better Plan B.

Why could Paraguay be a Plan A?

  1. Territorial tax system. If structured properly, income earned outside of Paraguay is not taxed in Paraguay.
  2. Very affordable
  3. Peaceful
  4. Super friendly people and very few tourists
  5. Great meat
  6. Fast internet
  7. Minimal government

I met quite a few online entrepreneurs that are based there as their plan A.

Personally, I travel too much at this stage of my life to be based in southern South America. It’s too far off and Paraguay is not well connected flight-wise.

Paraguay is also a great Plan B

All the Plan A benefits are also valid for a Plan B. I’m happy that I will always have the right to live, work and pay (little) taxes in Paraguay.

If you want to go down the rabbit-hole, which a lot of foreigners in Paraguay seem to have done, then you can add these facts:

  1. Paraguay is a net food exporter
  2. It sits on a massive aquifer – water security is not an issue
  3. Many parallel societies such as Mennonites that live partially disconnected from modern society
  4. A culture that celebrates contraband and freedom
  5. Gun ownership is allowed for residents, and it’s very easy to buy guns and ammo
  6. Far from potential world wars

The point I am trying to make is that Paraguay can be a solution for many different types of people. It can be a Plan A, a Plan B for Plan A benefits, or a Plan B for the rabbit-hole reasons.

It’s all good. Paraguay is not densely populated. There is space for everyone 🙂

I interviewed Aleksandr back in Asuncion about the process of obtaining residency in Paraguay.

Video “How to get Residency in Paraguay”

In this video, Aleksandr helped me obtain residency in Paraguay. We cover the exact process in detail.

  • The old permanent residency program in Paraguay
  • The new residency program in Paraguay
  • Physical presence requirements for permanent residents of Paraguay
  • How long is permanent residency valid for in Paraguay
  • What documents are required to apply for residency in Paraguay
  • How to obtain permanent residency in Paraguay immediately

Feel free to get in touch with Aleksandr

He’ll send you a brochure with more information on the residency process in Paraguay and the price list.

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