Nicaragua will always have a special place in my heart

I remember March 2020 vividly.

I was in San Juan del Sur looking at the real estate market as the world was locking down hard. Embassies in Managua were telling their citizens to go back home, and some were organizing free repatriation flights to North America and Europe. San Juan del Sur quickly emptied.

I considered taking a free repatriation flight, but everyone back home was under lock-down, and in Winter. In Nicaragua the weather was great and president Ortega had declared that as Nicaragua is a poor country, it cannot afford lock-downs. People were told to take their own precautions.

I therefore spent about 4 months traveling all over Nicaragua, getting a nice tan, enjoying entire beaches and hotels to myself, and even having fun at the carnival in Bluefields on the Caribbean side of the country.

Nicaragua has seen a flood of people moving there

The result has been an influx of North Americans and Europeans moving down to Nicaragua to enjoy sunshine, low taxes, and great personal freedom as long as you don’t discuss local politics.

I went back to Nicaragua recently and sat down with Eduardo my lawyer to discuss the various ways one can obtain residency in beautiful Nicaragua.

A great Plan A

Due to the fact that one must renew the residency card every six months, it is not a great plan B if you want an active residency card.

However, Nicaragua is an amazing Plan A, especially now that fiber optic internet is widespread in the main cities and towns. Also, just like Panama, Nicaragua has a territorial tax system which can drastically taxes for people who move there.

If the flight connections were better, I could totally see myself living there.

If you are retired or have passive income, getting residency in Nicaragua is easy.

If you don’t, then it’s not straightforward. Simply owning real estate is not a solution. You have to invest $30,000 in an active business; It can’t just be an Airbnb thrown into a local corporation. So either you start an actual business, or do like most people and buy some teak wood parcel for this amount. It’s objectively not a very interesting investment, but it gets the residency job done.

More information on such Nicaragua quick & easy teak residency program.

You can find more information on how to get residency in Nicaragua and get in touch with Eduardo.

To a World of Opportunities,

The Wandering Investor.

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