easy company formation in 60 countries

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Easy Company Formation in 60 Countries

Comparison of the 60 countries with the lowest taxes and the easiest processes for you to register your company

Author: Christoph Heuermann

Published: 2019

Pages and format: 160 – PDF 

Author’s description

Okay, now you know you need to register a company somewhere abroad, but which one and where?

We have compiled into just one ebook the best options for registering a tax and hassle free company. The Easy Company Formation book contains a detailed comparision of 60 jurisdictions where you could wish to register your company.

Our little encyclopedia offers you:

  • 60 interesting countries for the registration of your company organized by categories
  • 33 compared indicators
  • Information completely updated as of July 1, 2019; this takes into account the latest changes and reforms such as BEPS
  • Includes information on double taxation agreements
  • With links to additional information for the incorporation of companies and tax optimization

Why was the Easy Company Formation book necessary?

The reality is that there is not much information so detailed and well organized about possible countries in which to register your business like what we have put together in this book.

This small encyclopedia presents in a clear and concise way 60 countries from the most interesting regions of the world for businessmen and investors; regions that are convincing because of their attractive conditions in the creation of companies, low or null taxes and/or a minimum of bureaucracy in their creation and maintenance. And these are just three of the 33 indicators you’ll find in the eBook.

So, what exactly will this book provide for me?

Whether you are actively looking for a country to set up your company in, or if you are simply thinking that registering your next (or current) business abroad might be a good idea, this encyclopedia will give you all the information you need to make your decision. In addition to the comparison of the 60 countries you will also find a list of interesting links that will allow you to access more information. Of course, before deciding on the purchase you can download a reading sample so that you know exactly what awaits you in the the Easy Company Formation book.

Here you can see which 60 countries we compare in the book and what other information it contains.

Here you can download our chapter dedicated to Bulgaria with the 33 indicators that we compare for the 60 countries described in the encyclopedia.

The Wandering Investor’s take: This book is very useful. I know the author personally and he is one of the most knowlegeable people I know on international incorporation matters. This book will give you a great overview of many of the possibilities out there. Of course, always do you proper due diligence before activating anything as things change fast. Using a proper international tax consultant such as Kathleen, whom I work with, is always best before making a move.

But overall, this book will save you from spending weeks on google.

Buy the eBook for just $79

If you want to pay with bank transfer or crypto send me an email.

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