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Title: Real Estate Investment: The most profitable real estate in the world, Kiev in Ukraine!


Author: Franck Beon


Published: 2019


Pages and format: 36 – PDF


Price: $9.99 


Author’s description With in-depth advice for understanding and buying rental properties in Ukraine and especially in Kiev, this Book imparts the practical and exciting strategies that a few well-informed investors are using to build significant cash flow through real estate investing. After years of turmoil, Ukraine is becoming the new Eldorado for investors looking for great opportunities for long term appreciation of the assets combined with very high rental yields.Inside, you will learn:• Why real estate in Ukraine has reached a bottom and can only go up• Why the economic and political situation will drive the prices up• How to find the opportunities that matches your expectations• How to manage your investments remotely• Actionable ideas for financing rentals, no matter how much cash you have• Advice on keeping your wealth by deferring (and eliminating) taxes• 


The Wandering Investor’s take: This book is very useful. I bought it after having written about Kiev real estate and nevertheless got some good learnings from it. I met the author in person afterwards. In light of the new economic reality, I believe some of the recommendations, such as luxury housing, are not relevant anymore. However, he goes into detail about the purchasing process, the ins & outs of the market, the various neighbourhoods, mistakes to avoid, details to watch out for, banking, etc. Honestly, if you are seriously considering buying in Ukraine, this is $9.99 extremely well spent.