Video: Airbnb real estate investing and yields in Montenegro

I typically spend quite a lot of time in Montenegro.

It’s beautiful, affordable, people mind their own business, it’s low tax, and there is a ton of outdoor activities ranging from swimming in the Adriatic to hiking in a multitude of National Parks.

I already wrote an overview of the real estate market in Montenegro but in this video case study Ksenija and I ran the numbers for a fairly typical Airbnb investment.

When you buy real estate in Montenegro, it is generally as an Airbnb investment because the long term rental market is relatively thin.

Ksenija & I broke down the numbers in detail, including costs, etc.

One point that I really like about Montenegro real estate is its seasonality, in the sense that you sweat your asset from May to October, but then the rest of the year you can use it yourself, essentially living rent-free.

Owning real estate in Montenegro also offers investors a call option on residency in Montenegro. This is what a lot of Russians and Ukrainians did in March. They found their way to their properties in Montenegro, and then claimed residency on the basis of real estate ownership – the very definition of a Plan B.

Instead of living under sanctions (Russians) or bombs (Ukrainians), they could live in peace in Montenegro.

More details on how to obtain residency in Montenegro here.

Watch the Airbnb rental yields case study with Ksenija on Youtube here.

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