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Real estate market in El Salvador – overview of opportunities

I spent a couple weeks traveling around El Salvador to explore the real estate market in several regions, including San Salvador, Bitcoin Beach,, La Union and the small towns of Berlin and Alegria. I give a brief overview of the macro situation in El Salvador, the implications of bitcoin adoption, economic reform and anti-corruption reform and how this impacts the investment landscape going forward. Unfortunately, from a real estate investment perspective, El Salvador is very much a seller’s market for the time being.

Rentals are booming on this affordable Greek island

A mini-boom is just getting started on some Greek islands. Why? Because since April Turks can now get a special 7-day express visa to enter the European Union to go to these islands specifically. Getting a visa to visit the EU / Schengen Area is notoriously...

Real estate for Friendly Nations Visa in Panama City – case studies

I had a chat with Matt, my preferred Panama City realtor, about two different properties suitable for obtaining the Panama Friendly Nations Visa. We visit a tower with desirable amenities in the historical Casco Viejo neighborhood, as well as a high-rise building in the San Francisco area of Panama City. Matt breaks down all the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining these properties as well as the expected rental income.

Investing in Bogota real estate – Possible bottom? Market update

I had a discussion with my Bogota realtor Arcesio on the state of the Bogota real estate market. It is a market that shows signs of having bottomed.

Buying land lots / plots in Montenegro – an analysis

I met with Peter Square Meter to have a look at two land plots / lots in Montenegro. One is in Lustica and the other one in Herceg Novi. For both we did rough numbers in terms of the ROI figure if we were to buy this land in Montenegro, build, and then flip

Why buy a house in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua – great value in Central America

Prices of real estate have jumped all over Central America due to an influx of North Americans, Europeans, and speculation.
However one town where prices have not jumped since Covid, and are actually down since 2018, is San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua in spite of the town developing fast, and a lot of North Americans moving there.
There are now three international schools in this town, and one can find great value for money. In this video with my San Juan Del Sur realtor Natalie, we have a look at a typical house that families like to live in.