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Pros and Cons of living in Medellin, Colombia

I had a discussion with my Medellin realtor Mauricio on the pros and cons of living in Medellin as he moved there full-time from Sweden.

We bought a house in Playa del Carmen, Mexico!

My realtor Luigi and I bought a house together in Playa del Carmen. We show the house, explain why we bought it, and the ROI we expect from it. Such deals are extremely hard to find and are not fully representative of the market.

The New Administrative Capital of Egypt. Why, What, and how?

Focus on Egypti's New Administrative Capital (NAC) built by state-owned developer Administrative Capital for Urban Development (ACUD) Highlighting the why and the what of Egypt’s New Capital built deep eastwards in the of the River Nile in the desert in a break from...

Investing in Asuncion Real Estate in Paraguay – an ROI case study with numbers

My real estate buyer’s agent in Paraguay showed me an apartment for sale in Asuncion with rooftop pool and all amenities. We ran all the ROI numbers to get to a realistic return on investment / rental yield/ capitalization rate. This video was shot before the Argentine elections.

Best neighbourhoods and districts to buy Real Estate in Budapest

Benedek took me on a tour of the various neighborhoods and districts of Budapest in which he typically finds interesting real estate investments for his private clients.

Stock analysis of Ecopetrol

Stock analysis of Ecopetrol

Last Friday I bought a bunch of shares of Ecopetrol (ticker: EC), the Colombian state oil company (at $9.60 per share) I sat...

Do not invest in Nickel

Do not invest in Nickel

Sometimes knowing what NOT to invest in is just as important. This is the case with Nickel. I don't just talk about...