My Favourite Real Estate Agents in Montenegro

How the real estate market is structured in Montenegro

First of all, read my article on real estate investments in Montenegro here.


  • The Montenegro property market does not really have buyer’s agents.
  • Every real estate agency has its own listings, and some listings can be found at multiple agencies.
  • It’s a hugely inefficient market, so speaking to a few agents is important.
  • That said, you can’t speak to all agents as many will be a waste of time.
  • I’ve been doing real estate deals in Montenegro for a few years now. I’ve bought, renovated and flipped units, I’ve done early financing for developers, still own real estate in Montenegro, and have been selling real estate. I’ve dealt with many real estate agents over the years.
  • I can introduce you to my two favourite agents in Montenegro, which will save you a lot of time.

 A win-win proposition

Get in touch with me at or through the contact form below. Simply mention your name, what you’re looking, phone number and I shall introduce you to my two favourite real estate agents in Montenegro. Do I make a small commission in case you do buy something? I like being transparent, so yes, I do. But its not added to the cost of whatever you end up buying – the agent just gives me a small part of his usual commission.

It’s win-win for everybody. The agent makes his commission, I get a small % from his, and you don’t waste time and immediately have access to the two best real estate agents in Montenegro.


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