Real Estate Lawyer in Montenegro

You want to purchase real estate in Montenegro after having read my article, and require a good lawyer to help you navigate the process?

I have the right person for you. I’ve worked with him in the past, he is reasonably priced, and will ensure you do not get “played” because let’s face it, that’s always a risk as a foreigner.

Buying real estate in Montenegro is a little bureaucratic – it can take a few weeks. Also, due to its communist past, the title deeds are quite complicated, and sometimes have multiple claims on them. Also, some properties were never properly legalized and registered. Using a good lawyer who defends your interests is non-negotiable.

IMPORTANT: Generally avoid using a lawyer proposed by your real estate agent. This point is valid for any international market in which you choose to invest. The reality is that there can be a conflict of interest in such cases. Though you are officially the lawyer’s client, who is more important? You and your single transaction, or the agent that brings dozens of clients? Using your own lawyer won’t be more expensive, but will offer you much more security. 

My real estate lawyer in Montenegro is half Montenegrin, half German. He speaks English, German, and Montenegrin fluently.

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real estate lawyer montenegro

Important to understand: The real estate legal services are performed by a lawyer. We at The Wandering Investor are a middleman and therefore have no liability.

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