Many people talk about the famous Friendly Nations Visa to obtain residency in Panama. The most common way to obtain it is to invest $200,000 in local real estate, or in a term deposit, or in a combination of the two (if you stem from a “Friendly Nations country“)

This grants the investor, and his spouse, children, and both sets of grandparents temporary residency, which can then be converted to Permanent Residency after 2 years. The whole process takes about 2.5 years and 3 trips to Panama.

But few people discuss the Panama Qualified Investor Visa

For an investment of as little as $300,000 anyone from anywhere in the world can obtain Permanent Residency from day one in a single trip to Panama. The spouse, children, and both sets of grandparents can get this Permanent Residency in one family trip.

This is an amazing Plan B in a safe haven

Good weather, low to 0% taxes if structured properly, a great airport, good infrastructure, very decent financial services, etc. Panama is a great Plan A as well as a Plan B.

For many people, this is a no brainer.

I interviewed Giovanna and Wi Men, who helped me obtain residency in Panama, about this little-discussed option.

When I was at the immigration office there were many people from Latin America, North America, Western Europe, as well as Russians, and Chinese applying for residency.

Panama is neutral and focused on trade and business.

For more information on how to obtain residency in Panama or to get in touch with Wi Men and Giovanna, click here.

To a World of Opportunities,

The Wandering Investor.

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