Real Estate Lawyer in Panama

Many things can go wrong when buying real estate in Panama

 Just to name a few:

  • Liens on the property.

  • Mortgages on the property.

  • Past transactions that were not completed properly, which could lead to claims later on.

  • Not all owners agreeing to the sale.

  • The sellers not having gone through the proper courts to process their inheritance.

  • Outright fraud.
  • A house that needs to be legalized / was build illegally

Get a good real estate lawyer before moving forward with any real estate transaction in Panama. Also, be careful before using the lawyer that is recommended by your real estate agent. There is a potential for a conflict of interest. It’s always much safer to use your own real estate lawyer in Panama.

Meet Josue, my real estate and immigration lawyer in Panama

Make sure to watch this Youtube video below in which I ask my lawyer Josue about the whole real estate purchase process.

Josue can then also help you obtain residency in Panama. Details here.

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The real estate legal services are performed by a lawyer. We at The Wandering Investor LLC do not have any liability.