Colombia is currently one of the easiest places in the world to obtain residency in, and it’s a lovely country.

There are tons of visa categories available such as family reunification, business owners, etc. However the most interesting ones for us investors are:

– The rentista visa (for people with passive income)
– The retirement visa
– The real estate owner visa (about $90k investment)
– The high-end real estate residency visa (about $150k investment)

There is a lot to like about Colombia. From the Amazon to the coffee farms, the vibrant cities, and amazing coastline and national parks, one never gets bored in Colombia.

However, taxes are high, which makes Colombia an inadequate tax residency for High Net Worth Individuals. Luckily, to keep one’s residency active, one does not need to stay in the country for over half the year.

In this video, I sat down with my lawyer Alan who  explained the various visa categories, the difference between the various real estate residency options, and then elaborated on how to obtain Colombian citizenship.
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However, things are about to get more complicated

Colombian lawmakers are currently debating changes to immigration law. In most cases, becoming a full-pledged resident will take a few more years.

If Colombia is top of your list, then hurry up before things become harder. More details on Alan’s surprisingly affordable services here.

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Cali is also an interesting investment destination. Analysis here.

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