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I wanted to thank you for all your help. Really life changing stuff! The quality of life out here is incredible and as an investment I think it will print 💸(money).



Mauricio Realtor in Medellin

Mauricio is originally from Sweden. He first got into real estate at 18 with a first investment back in Sweden while studying for his Bachelor of International Business. After a few years in Sweden, he decided to move to Medellin as he loved the university exchange year he had spent there and saw great potential in the city.

He’s now been in Medellin for a number of years, owns real estate all over the city, and partnered up with his good Canadian friend Steven to start a bespoke agency to help foreign investors get into the Medellin real estate market, and help them manage their properties.

I work with a number of agents across the world, in various markets, and typically like to write a little bit about their hobbies and passions. In Mauricio’s case he wasn’t really able to identify a hobby of his apart from real estate laughing. I feel sorry for his fiancee.

But her loss is your win. You know he and his team will be focused on delivering what you are looking for!

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Mauricio Realtor in Medellin
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Read my article on investing in real estate in Medellin, Colombia. It’ll give you a very good overview.

The key to making a good investment is to invest in properties that can be marketed to the mid-term market (digital nomads staying for a few weeks to a few months). Therefore, you want a real estate agent in Medellin that will put you in touch with proper designers and renovation teams, as well as manage the property for you afterward. It’s the only way to ensure you and your agent are aligned.

If you go for an agent that will not manage your property afterward, his only motivation is to sell you real estate. If he manages it for you afterward, he will have to deliver on the numbers and income projections he shared with you.

Case study video of an apartment with stunning views in Medellin, along with great numbers, so be sure to check it out!

Here is the follow-up case study video one year later to check Mauricio’s initial projections.

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