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Hany is a real estate professional in Cairo, Egypt. Hany and his team will do the heavy lifting when it comes to locating the right investments in Egypt for you. He has been helping my clients obtain the Egyptian Citizenship by Investment as well as providing in-house legal services that ensures transactions are safe and compliant.

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Cairo Real Estate Market Analysis

I wrote an article on Cairo real estate investment market. It’ll give you a very good overview of the macro aspects of investing there as well as concrete case studies with exact numbers.

cairo real estate

Case Study: Investing in the new capital.

I did a video with Hany in which we analyzed and dug into the exact numbers that one can expect when making a real estate investment in Cairo, Egypt.

How to find real estate in Cairo, Egypt

The whole real estate market in Cairo is very fragmented. There are random independent agents, and a few professional agencies, and some online portals.

Online, you will mostly find new buildings, but even coming across lists of all projects is challenging.

What this means is that finding the right property takes a lot of time IF you want to conduct proper research.

What to know about buying real estate in Cairo as a foreigner.

There are a few risks:

  • Overpaying because you are a foreigner or an Egyptian from overseas.
  • Not getting fair representation during the purchase agreement, which is why having legal representation is key.
  • Handling of the money; Egypt is a country with strict foreign exchange controls. You want to make sure you get your money in the proper way, and that you follow the proper procedures to get money out.

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