Off-grid Community in Paraguay

You watched the video I made on this unique, comfortable, off-grid community in Paraguay and want to find out more? You can contact them using the form below and someone from their team will get back to you.

Is this off-grid community in Paraguay right for you?

Obviously, such a community is rather niche. It’s absolutely not for everyone and most applicants actually get rejected if their values do not align with those of the community. If you get rejected view it as a favour as you would have been disappointed later on.


Here are some of the key advantages of this off-grid community in Paraguay:

  • Economic freedom
  • Access to truly organic fruit, vegetables and meat
  • Access to multiple alternative health service providers
  • Pure water from the ground
  • Off-grid solutions
  • Fiber-optic internet for remote work
  • A community feel and easy to make friends
  • An international feel with community members from Europe, North America and Latin America
  • Safety
  • Gun rights
  • Living in harmony with nature
  • Schooling that values freedom and tradition
  • Close to a small town with shops, restaurants, bars and friendly locals
  • Ease of access, yet far enough from all the issues
  • A range of housing from affordable to luxurious
  • Affordable help such as nannies, cooks, cleaning, etc
  • Though one can choose to live off-grid, the grid is also available. So you can run solar, or cheap government electricity. Or both.
  • A core focus on fighting global trends many people disagree with
  • Shops, bars and restaurants on site

Points to be aware of

  • Real estate transaction costs are relatively high as the fees are needed to build all the infrastructure
  • Most applicants get rejected. A disappointment for many, but an advantage for those that get accepted as values are aligned
  • Ownership structure of real estate – until you have lived there for 9 months, you do not get full title deed but rather a promissory agreement. Why? To make sure you are a fit in the community. If you are deemed to not be a good fit it gives the community more leverage to sell the property and give you your money back. Again, what is seemingly a disadvantage is a benefit for the community as a whole. But it entails risk.
  • If you want to move there, don’t rush to buy. First rent for a few months to make sure it is the right fit for you
  • You will want to budget for a car. The cute town is a 15 minute drive away and is nice to go to on a regular basis and to go shopping.
  • I would not recommend buying remotely. Fly to Paraguay, spend a week or two in the community, and make sure it is the right fit for you before going through the administrative burden of buying land or a house. Be reasonable in your approach.
  • It’s obviously a low liquidity market. Buying is easy, but selling what you bought is hard.
  • A few months after the recording of this video, the developer announced that it was facing financial difficulties. By all means go there and stay in their hotel or rent a house on site, meet their team. Dr. Annau and his wife are more than happy to have visitors come over and stay for a long as they wish and answer all their questions.
  • As with any investment, before investing you must make your own due diligence. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

Get in touch with the community to move there or prepare your Plan B