I wrote a number of relatively optimistic articles on the Kyiv real estate investment market earlier this year (here & here) and was quite enthusiastic about the high yields.

I’ve been monitoring a real estate investment fund in Kyiv for a while as its positioning is quite unique in Europe. It claims it can reach gross yields of 18% without the use of leverage, by buying in a market that is down 75% from peak.

real estate investment kyiv ukraine

A Kyiv real estate focused investment fund

The Kiev Real Estate Recovery (KRER) investment fund is managed by a Canadian, John Suggitt, who has been active in Ukrainian private equity and real estate for 20 years.

Does 18% gross yields sound too good to be true? Or is it simply an undiscovered investment gem targeting a niche market in Europe?

Watch the discussion John and I have to form your own opinion. I asked many of the questions that needed to be asked, and dug into the numbers.

– Why Ukraine?
– Why a Real Estate investment in Ukraine?
– Why a Real Estate investment in Kyiv?
– A major catalyst: the mortgage market 
– Impact of Covid on the real estate investment market in Kyiv
– Legal pitfalls when investing in real estate in Kyiv, Ukraine
– Case study 1 with yield calculation
– Key risk: the Ukrainian Hryvnia
– Case study 2 with yield calculation
– Case study 3 with yield calculation and Kiev Real Estate Recovery Fund 2 (KRER 2)
– Which auditor & fund structure
– Dividends of 10%
– Amounts raised
– Skin in the game

Watch the conversation John & I have here on investing in Kyiv real estate. Feel free to leave a comment and subscribe to the Youtube channel.

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UPDATE March 2021: I did a market visit in Ukraine and met John in person: Highest Real Estate yields in Europe – Ukraine – $1250 per m2 with 19% yields in Kyiv

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