Back in November I interviewed John who runs a real estate fund in Kiev (video here). I had been following him for quite a while and was curious.

Like many of my followers, I wanted to find out more following that interview.

So I booked a flight to Kiev to spend time on the ground with John and his team to gain a better understanding of the fund and its value proposition.

In between meetings with agents, lawyers, fellow investors, and a few of my followers who were also spending time in “open” Kiev, I covered a lot of ground with John.

In this video, he takes me to a 3-story penthouse in the center of Kiev, for which he paid $1250 per m2 all-in, is yielding 19%, and which new fund subscribers can buy into at less than market value.

We also discuss some of the complexities of investing in a market like Ukraine, and some of the risks involved.

Watch the video here

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