A Buyer’s Agent in Kyiv and Renovation Manager

How the real estate market is structured in Kyiv


First of all, read my article on real estate investments in Kyiv here.


  • Every real estate agency has its own listings, and some listings can be found at multiple agencies.
  • It’s a hugely inefficient market.
  • That said, you can’t speak to all agents as many will be a waste of time.
  • The concept of buyer’s agent is relatively common in Kyiv, so this is a good way to proceed. A buyer’s agent is an agent who represents you, and goes out to find properties that are in line with your objectives. Your buyer’s agent then splits his commission with the other agent. Using a buyer’s agent does not increase the price tag of your investment. It one of the best ways to proceed in the Kyiv real estate market, especially if you don’t speak Russian or Ukrainian. Very few agents speak English.

Meet Alex, my buyer’s agent and renovation manager in Kyiv

buyer's agent kyiv renovation manager

Alex is a graduate of law, psychology, and cybernetics. Notably, he is the first Ukrainian to have swam across the Gibraltar Straight. He also does ultra long distances – his latest feat was 33km in 9h15.

For a number of years he has been an independent buyer’s agent for locals, and renovation manager. As he speaks English fluently, I am helping him expand his business to help foreigners as well. He has lived in Kyiv his whole life and knows the market in & out.

buyer's agent kyiv renovation manager

What is the workflow with Alex, my buyer’s agent and renovation manager in Kyiv?

1. You get in touch with Alex directly with the form below or buy sending an email to alex@thewanderinginvestor.com.

2. You have a 15 minute, free, discovery call where you discuss your objectives, and Alex elaborates on how he can help you, and whether your expectations are realistic.

3. If you want to recruit Alex as your buyer’s agent he’ll ask for a $500 deposit for the process of finding and sending you properties he’ll have carefully filtered to be in line with your objectives. If you end up buying one of them, he will reimburse you the $500. If you don’t, he keeps the deposit as compensation for his time.

4. If you are looking to do a renovation after the purchase, Alex will provide you with a full quote. You are more than welcome, and encouraged, to get other quotes as well.

5. If you recruit him for the renovation, he’ll manage it from A to Z, and work with you and the interior designer to get a great result.

6. He also offers property management services, but only for clients who bought or renovated a property through him.

Below are some pictures of an apartment he recently renovated from scratch (electricity, pipes, everything). You don’t have to like this specific design. If you were to do a renovation with him he’d put you in touch with an English speaking interior designer. However, do note the quality of the finishings.

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Important to understand: The buyer’s agent and renovation services are performed by an agent. We at The Wandering Investor are a middleman and therefore have no liability.