I know a lot of my followers are interested in niche, random residencies.

Well here’s one for you: Ukraine.

I’m obviously not recommending it, but a surprising amount of people are moving there. Why are they moving to a country at war? Volunteering, war profiteering, escapism, real estate, love and journalism mostly.

Some cities were absolutely never impacted by missiles and attacks, and thecountry is huge. So it’s possible to live in relative peace if that’s what you want.

Again, this is not a sales pitch for Ukraine.

There are quite a few ways to obtain residency in Ukraine. A particularly “interesting” one is a special program for IT specialists that results in immediate permanent residency. So theoretically you could apply for this permanent residency, go to Ukraine for a few days to process paperwork, and eventually receive Ukrainian permanent residency as a call option on whatever Ukraine will be after the war.

I had a chat with my lawyer Taras, who helped me with my own residency before the war, about who is moving to Ukraine, the residency options, and low-tax business structures.

If you’re interested, you can get in touch with Taras about residency in Ukraine.

On a more serious note

Importantly, let’s not forget to pray for the soldiers, families of soldiers, and civilians on both sides of the conflict. Hundreds of thousands of men have died already.

Politicians dragged them into this. Never underestimate your own politicians’ ability to do the same. Westerners tend to think this will never happen to them. History says otherwise.

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