I sat down with Leonid, my lawyer in Ukraine, and he elaborated on how to obtain residency in Ukraine.

There are the usual suspects such as family reunification and marriage, but there is also a residency by investment option.

The easiest way is to create a LLC, and appoint yourself its director in order to apply for a work permit. This entitles you to a 3 year renewable residency visa. You then have the right to live in beautiful Ukraine, a large country with vast natural resources, over 40 million people, and one of the most affordable lifestyles anywhere in the world. Kyiv, the capital city, is one of my favourite cities in Europe.

Ukraine is not a tax haven. But many people simply create a sole proprietorship on the side (FOP in Ukrainian) and get taxed at a rate of 5% on turnover. Lawyers and accountants are generally fairly creative and one rarely hears people complain about taxes, unlike in the West.

You can watch the short video on how to obtain residency in Ukraine here.

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