The Mexican government came up with a program to legalize people in Mexico. Under these terms, anyone who came to Mexico between 2015 and 2021, even if just for a day as a tourist, can claim a 4 year temporary residency permit.

No need to start the process at a Mexican embassy or Consulate as is usually the case. You can apply for it directly in Mexico.

As things stand, after 4 years you can claim permanent residency, even if you barely spent any time in Mexico during the 4 years. Permanent residency in Mexico is truly permanent, it not does expire nor does it require you to come back to Mexico once in a while to keep it active.

Also, it is easy to be both a resident of Mexico and a non tax resident of Mexico, for those of you who are worried 🙂

In this very short video, my Mexican immigration agent Sergei elaborated on the program.

Alternatively, you can read the transcript below

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Very few people know about this amazing program, which is set to expire at the end of 2023.

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Full transcript of “Easy 4 year residency for past tourists in Mexico”

LADISLAS MAURICE: Hello, everyone. Ladislas Maurice from So today, I’m really excited to be sharing some breaking news, with Sergei, with regards to Mexico on a special program to obtain residency extremely easily. So Sergei, how are you?

SERGEI: Fine, fine. Thanks. Hello, everybody.

LADISLAS MAURICE: So Sergei helped me obtain residency here in Mexico.

SERGEI: Yeah. We have great news for this year. If you came to Mexico from 2015 till 2021 just once, you can get the residency now for four years. It’s temporary residency, and you just need to come to Mexico now and we can start the process. They add one year more. It was till 2020 but now it’s till 2021. And we can get this residency just in one week, if you want to accelerate the process, or we can wait until the expiration date on your passport. And after these four years’ residency, for the fifth year, you can get permanent residency. And after fifth year, you can apply the documents for the naturalization process and get the Mexican citizenship.

LADISLAS MAURICE: So this is absolutely incredible. Obtaining residency generally entails a lot of paperwork, or making investments, or time on the ground, etc. But in this case, all you needed to have done is to have gone to Mexico, just for 24 hours, in any point between 2015 and 2021 and you’re eligible for this fast-track, four-year residency just as a tourist. So you went to Cancun on spring break, you just did a border run across from California or from Texas, you are eligible for residency for a four-year residency. You don’t need to set foot in Mexico once you’ve obtained residency until year three and months 11, at which point you can apply, if the rules don’t change, for permanent residency. And the cool thing with permanent residency in Mexico is that it’s permanent. There’s no minimum physical presence requirements or anything, it’s for life. So amazing program. So, Sergei?


LADISLAS MAURICE: Why is the Mexican government doing this?

SERGEI: Because we, in Mexico, still have now a lot of people who want to stay here for a long time. And that’s the main reason why they continue this program for this year, too. Yeah, it’s like an amnesty.

LADISLAS MAURICE: Cool. So the Mexican government is organizing an amnesty for illegal aliens, and you can, as a past tourist, you can benefit from it. So this is really, really interesting. Mexico is incredibly welcoming towards immigration, towards foreigners moving to Mexico, or just obtaining residency in Mexico. So it’s the sort of thing that really people should take advantage of. It’s an easy first step in terms of obtaining a second residency overseas to maximize your freedom, to have a potential Plan B, and, to be fair, in a country that’s really cool. And as Sergei was saying, once you’ve lived in Mexico for five years, you can apply for citizenship. All they really want is that for the two years before you apply for citizenship, that you’ve spent 18 months actually physically in Mexico. So it’s very doable to obtain Mexican citizenship.

SERGEI: Yeah, that’s right.

LADISLAS MAURICE: And Sergei, you’ve been helping quite a lot of people with this program, correct?

SERGEI: Yeah, yeah. It was maybe about 200 tourists for the past year just for this program.

LADISLAS MAURICE: And I know that a lot of people were trying to apply in late 2022. They weren’t sure if they were going to make it, but the program got extended for one more year. So if you’re one of these people out there, you still have a chance to get this Mexican residency. So if you want to get in touch with Sergei for this program, or for any of the other residency programs in Mexico, or if you plan on having a child in Mexico, Sergei has a whole company helping with birth tourism in Mexico, then feel free, there’s a link below and there’s also Sergei’s email.

SERGEI: Yeah. Thank you so much. And I’ll be waiting for requests.

LADISLAS MAURICE: All right. Cheers, Sergei.