My Favourite Realtor in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

First of all, read the article I wrote on investing in real estate in Puerto Vallarta. It’ll give you a very good overview of the macro aspects of investing there as well as concrete case studies with exact numbers. And now, we can move on to Puerto Vallarta Realtor Paul

Meet Paul, My #1 Realtor in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

puerto vallarta realtor Paul and Ladislas

Paul (red shirt) and I having cold beers after viewings

Paul used to be a realtor in Auckland, New Zealand, and when travelling to Mexico he immediately fell in love with Puerto Vallarta. He consequently quit his position in New Zealand and made the full-time jump to starting his own real estate agency in PV.

Get in touch with Paul by using the form below.

I also did a video with Paul in which we analyzed the Airbnb investment case for Puerto Vallarta and dug into the exact numbers that one can expect when making a real estate investment there.

If you need a realtor in Puerto Vallarta, feel free to contact Paul. He is professional, and I’m sure he will be more than happy to help you out.

Contact Paul to Invest in Puerto Vallarta Real Estate

or send him an email at Do add your Whatsapp number if you use it.

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