Real Estate Renovation costs in Istanbul

I spent time in Istanbul in February 2021 looking at real estate investments. I visited an apartment which was under renovation by Keith. I contacted Keith a few months later to have a look at the work he did, and to get an exact cost breakdown of the renovation.

A cheap Plan B in rural Hungary

in this video, I went on a road-trip in rural Hungary to go look at cheap real estate. I found a house for 16,000 euros with 5,000m2 of land. It’s a great plan B for EU passport holders who are entitled to Hungarian residency if they own real estate or sign a lease agreement. The house is located at junction between Hungary, Ukraine, and Slovakia.

Why I would NOT invest in Real Estate in the Canary Islands

In this video, I spent a week in the Canary Islands and delve into the price trends, architectural value, and examples of coastal real estate in the Canary Islands. Discover why investing in the local real estate market might not be the best option, and explore the potential benefits of obtaining residency in Spain.

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