When reading Western media, one could be led to think that Nicaragua is a horrible basket case. This perception is being forged because of the country’s foreign policy which is not aligned with the West.

This has resulted in asset prices having crashed since 2018.

While Mexico and most of Central America saw price surges all along their coasts, Nicaragua saw price declines of 30%-40% in spite of solid government finances.

The result is that real estate and land are attractively priced.

A ton of North Americans, particularly Canadians, have moved down to Nicaragua because of the weather, cheap living, great lifestyle and lack of Covid restrictions.

The fact that non-US people can pretty much live tax-free thanks to Nicaragua’s territorial tax system is a nice bonus to say the least (if structured properly).

In this video my San Juan del Sur realtor Natalie showed me the typical kind of house that families who move down to Nicaragua like to buy or rent. We also discussed why people move there, and some of the catalysts in the area.

It’s an easy decision; for the price of a shoe-box in Toronto you can get a nice house, with sea views, a pool, daily sunshine and in most cases a dramatically reduced tax bill.

Big Catalysts

A ton of infrastructure work is planned throughout the country with Chinese financial and technical support. New highways, railroads, a new international airport, etc.

I wrote a whole report on all the macro economics and the case for investing in Nicaragua as well as a detailed market analysis of San Juan del Sur, my favourite coastal town there.

But not without risk

The single biggest risk in Nicaragua is an intensification of Western sanctions, and foreign interference in the country which could lead to instability.

Also, Nicaragua is not a yield play. The rental returns, for now, are not great. It’s a capital gains play for patient long-term investors.

I am actively buying in Nicaragua

I am aware of the risks and position size accordingly. I have bought in Nicaragua and am actively looking for more.

Watch the video, read the article on the San Juan del Sur real estate market, and feel free to get in touch with my SJDS realtor Natalie.

To a World of Opportunities,

The Wandering Investor.

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