Create a Company in Nicaragua

Are you looking to create a company in Nicaragua?

The following will be covered in this article:

1. Why create a company in Nicaragua

2. Cases in which a company in Nicaragua is NOT appropriate

3. My lawyer’s fees to create a company in Nicaragua


1. Why create a company in Nicaragua?

  • Foreigners can own a company in Nicaragua. There must be 2 shareholders. If you are alone it’s not an issue. You can own 99% and give 1% to a lawyer who then relinquishes all rights.

  • 0% tax rate on income earned outside of Nicaragua (local income is taxed at 30%).

  • A good way to legally avoid taxes on some real estate transactions in Nicaragua. Click here to find out more.

  • Needed to obtain an investor visa if that’s your goal.

2. Cases in which incorporating in Nicaragua is NOT appropriate

Some offshore incorporators will try to sell you a Nicaragua corporation as a great offshore structure. It’s not.

The reality is that it is appropriate only for:

  • People who live in Nicaragua and want to use the structure for offshore income to not pay taxes in Nicaragua.
  • People who want to use the company to obtain an investor visa.
  • People who want to do business in Nicaragua. Click here for an article on investing in Nicaragua.
  • People who want to optimize taxes when buying real estate. Click here to find out more. For an article on real estate in San Juan Del Sur and Grenada, click here.

If you live in Nicaragua and have an online or offshore business, then it might work for you, but the reality is that banking options in Nicaragua are poor. You’ll be expected to physically go to the bank on a regular basis to deal with issues. So if you are in Nicaragua, it’s fine. But if you live far away, it’s not a good option.

Opening a good bank account overseas for a Nicaraguan corporation can prove to be quite challenging.

3. My lawyer’s fees to create a company in Nicaragua


My lawyer in Nicaragua is really great. He’s reasonably priced, speaks English fluently, and has offices in both Managua and San Juan Del Sur.

A Word of Caution

I am not an expert in company formation. I just have a great network of people who can get things done at fair prices thanks to all the travels and deals I’ve done internationally. My lawyer in Nicaragua is an expert on Nicaragua, but not necessarily on all the other structures available worldwide.

If you want to discuss your structure and all the tax implications before making a move, you can discuss with Kathleen, a Swiss tax consultant that helps people with all their international tax issues and questions. Click here to find out more about her services.

If you are confident a company in Nicaragua is right for you, then do get in touch with me and let’s get started! 

Send an email to or use the contact form below to get in touch with the lawyer.

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