Back in February I spent time in Ukraine looking at real estate. I met with Alex, my buyer’s agent, who helps investors buy, renovate, and rent out high yielding residential properties. I also met with John, who runs a deep value real estate fund in Kyiv. He showed me a downtown penthouse office which he had bought and renovated for a total of $1250 per m2 and which was yielding 19%. My expectations for the office market in Kyiv had definitely not been this high.

Following this video, some followers expressed skepticism about investing in the office space market, seeing the developments around the world. To be fair, it’s a very valid concern.

I wanted to dig deeper into the office market in Kyiv as such yields and potential capital gains are mouthwatering.

In this video which was filmed later in February, I asked John to elaborate on the office market in Kyiv, and I then headed out to look at his competitors. I took a cab, and went to see various office spaces in the center and in the outskirts of Kyiv to gain a better understanding of the fund’s strategy and positioning.

It’s a market that is worth exploring as its combination of high yields, potential for capital gains, illiquidity, and lack of financing make for a truly unique office market with inefficiencies that can be exploited by astute investors.

You can watch the video of the office market in Kyiv here.

office market kyiv
Click the image to watch the Youtube video

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