Here’s the typical scenario:

The investor decides to buy something in Istanbul because he believes that it’s a good long term play (true), and that if he invests $400,000 or more he can get free Turkish citizenship for himself and his family (also true).

The next step is for him to go online and Google something along the lines of “Turkey citizenship by investment real estate”.

He is then bombarded with dozens of smart-looking websites offering amazing projects with great 3D renders, pamphlets, and promises of high returns.

Eventually, he books a flight to Istanbul (probably the best connected city in the world, especially now) and a friendly English-speaking agent will pick him up at the airport and take him on a tour of many new developments.

I tried the process myself, and this is the video of my experience (here)

And why do most investors fall for it?

Because they want quick & easy. The reality is that making a good real estate investment in Istanbul is not straightforward, and requires you to dig into some micro-markets.

Last week, I published a video with Keith, my buyer’s agent in Istanbul. He finds good value real estate on the secondary market in up & coming neighbourhoods, which offer much higher yields and higher potential for capital appreciation. You can find out more about Keith’s services here.

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