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Istanbul and Izmir: Complex real estate markets to navigate


I wrote a detailed analysis of the real estate market in Istanbul.

One of the first things I have to say is: don’t fall for all the overpriced new buildings that are being marketed in English and sold to unsuspecting foreigners.

This is where Keith comes in.

Keith also has operations in Izmir, which is a very interesting value play. I also wrote a full analysis of the Izmir real estate market.

Meet Keith, my real estate buyer’s agent and renovations manager in Istanbul and Izmir

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Keith and I immediately got along. He is from Nova Scotia, in Canada, where I spent my first years of primary school. He has been active in the Istanbul real estate market for over a decade, is fluent in Turkish, and knows the market in & out. He is also an avid squash player, having won the Turkish squash championships. Keith was ranked number 1 in Turkey throughout 2005-2010, was the South Korean champion in 1996, and was Eastern Canada champion 3 times (!). Needless to say, his high levels of energy come in handy when dealing with all his on-going renovation projects 🙂

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For over a decade he has been an independent real estate buyer’s agent in Istanbul for locals, and renovation manager. As the market for international investors is growing, he has increasingly been helping foreigners invest in secondhand apartments. This market is where money is to be made for investors, but also where there is the most complexity.

1. Watch this video where Keith and I walk through one of his renovation projects, and where he shares all the numbers (prices, rental yields, etc). It’s an older video, prices have gone up, but so have rental prices.

2. Watch this additional video I did with Keith a few months later in which Keith shows the fully-renovated apartment, and elaborates on the exact renovation costs. You won’t find this sort of insight anywhere else. Again, this is an older video. Now you can expect to pay about $600+ per m2 for full renovations.

So what is the workflow with Keith, my real estate buyer’s agent and renovation manager in Istanbul and Izmir?

1. You get in touch with Keith directly using the form below.

2. Keith charges 3% of the value of the real estate being bought. His commission is well deserved based on his deep understanding of the market and honest analysis. Good luck finding a local agent with the same skills set and work ethic. Do note that if you were to buy into a new building from a developer, Keith does not charge a commission in such cases.

3. If you are looking to do a renovation after the purchase, Keith will provide you with a full quote. You are more than welcome, and encouraged, to get other quotes as well.

4. If you recruit him for the renovation, he’ll manage it from A to Z.

5. He also offers full property management services, but only for clients who bought or renovated a property through him. Keith charges 10% of monthly rent for property management. As for finding tenants, tenants pay Keith one month of rent, so he doesn’t charge landlords for this service. This is yet another attractive feature of the Istanbul real estate market for investors.

Contact Keith to Invest in Istanbul or Izmir Real Estate

or send him an email Include your WhatsApp number if you use it. Keith is a heavy WhatsApp user 🙂

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