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Too many dodgy middlemen try to sell offshore structures that are not adapted to your needs, in order to make a quick buck. Quality International Tax Consulting can save you a lot of time, money, and stress.

Sure, you can easily open an offshore company in the Seychelles and pay 0% tax there.

But will your country of tax residency accept this and let you get away with it? In many cases, no.

Will any reputable bank accept you? Probably not. And even if a bank in the Seychelles were to open a corporate bank account for you, would your personal bank even let you repatriate your profits? Maybe not.

Will most offshore incorporators let you know these potential issues before you wire them a few thousand dollars after having spent hours collecting and sending documents? Probably not. 

This is why we at The Wandering Investor are collaborating with Kathleen and her International Tax Consulting services.

We offer incorporation services in various countries. But before people use our partner lawyers, we want to make sure they have an option to get a proper understanding of the implications of the various structures.

Kathleen is a Swiss international tax consultant, fluent in 5 languages and who has traveled all over the world. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Geneva and finished her postgraduate studies in Australia.

She worked in diplomacy for the Swiss government and practiced at various law firms, before deciding to go her own way and help individuals and companies on a 1 on 1 basis with international tax consulting.

She can help you with all things tax related such as your tax residency, incorporating a business to minimize taxes, banking solutions and international healthcare insurance solutions. 

Her client base is primarily composed of expats, freelancers and digital nomads who are looking for solutions in an increasingly tough regulatory and tax environment.

Just like The Wandering Investor, you pay her after the session if you believe she provided you with value.

She can help you save a lot of money by finding you better, tax optimized solutions, and often by helping you avoid making expensive mistakes.

The only drawback of working with Kathleen? When not reading publications on the latest international tax news and strategies, and coordinating with her team in Australia, she is often wandering around the globe, almost invariably in a time zone very different from yours 🙂

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* We are The Wandering Investor are not involved in the International Tax Consulting sessions and therefore have no liability.

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