I recently spent a few weeks in Ecuador, exploring the real estate market and residency options.

I’ll elaborate on a particular real estate market in Ecuador in a thorough article in the coming weeks, but today let’s talk about residency in Ecuador.

It is surprisingly easy to obtain, for practically anyone from any OECD country.

For example, investors just need to deposit $45,000 in a local bank account, or buy local real estate for this amount.

There are many different options to obtain residency in Ecuador. I sat down with Andrea, my lawyer in Ecuador, who elaborated on all the different ways you and your family can get in.

  • Residency through term deposit and real estate in Ecuador 
  • Rentista visa in Ecuador
  • Pensionado or retirement visa in Ecuador
  • Documents required to apply for residency in Ecuador
  • Which relatives can join on an Ecuadorian residency?
  • How to obtain the professional residency in Ecuador?
  • How to obtain permanent residency in Ecuador?
  • Physical presence requirements for permanent residency in Ecuador
  • How to obtain citizenship in Ecuador?
  • How to obtain permanent residency immediately in Ecuador?

There are many easy residency options in the world

To a World of Opportunities,

The Wandering Investor

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