I spent a month in Kenya, and looked at various asset classes. Last week I published a video on cheap, Chinese built real estate at rock bottom prices, and this week I am looking at the stock market in Kenya.

There are PE and VC funds as well, but liquidity is extremely low, so I stayed away. However, when I looked at the NSE20, the index of the Nairobi Securities Exchange, I couldn’t help but be intrigued.

The crash was serious, and it looks like a bottom. I therefore started asking around, doing research on listed equities, and found some very interesting stocks that have 0 debt, pay high dividends, and exhibit yearly double digit growth.

I contacted Tim of the African Lions Fund (I had interviewed him back in January), and he kindly arranged for me to meet Geoffrey Odundo, the CEO of the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

Mr. Odundo and I sat down to discuss the outlook for the economy in Kenya, the NSE20 index and why it crashed this hard, as well as the Nairobi Securities Exchange itself, which is listed.

You can watch the video here

A discussion with Tim to discuss the stock market in Kenya

In the next week or so I’ll have a Zoom call with Tim, who is now in Tanzania, to discuss the Kenyan stock market and the view he has formed for his fund, the African Lion’s Fund.

I really encourage you to sign up to his “Africa Travel and Investment Diaries“. It’s free, entertaining, and insightful. It’ll help you open your mind to the opportunities in Africa, which few people in the West are aware of.

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