The true price of the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program

You read about the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program and are wondering what is its true price. You’re right, there are hidden fees and a few things to watch out for. I wrote an article about the pros and cons of the program here.

How does the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment programme work?

There are two options:

  1. Invest €250,000 in an approved project in the north of the country (the mountainous area) AND make a €100,000 donation to the government
  2. Invest €450,000 in an approved project on the coast (the mountainous area) AND make a €100,000 donation to the government

A few months later you are handed a beautiful Montenegrin passport and will be a lifetime citizen.

The exact price breakdown of the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment program

You won’t find this information on any other website as agents prefer to rope you in, and then hit you with all the extra fees.

montenegro citizenship by investment price

You can shop around, and you’ll notice that my service provider is more affordable than most.

What agents never tell you about real estate in citizenship by investment programs and how not to get tricked

This is a crucial point which pertains to CBI programmes in general, but to the Montenegro programme in particular.

In the Montenegro CBI program, unlike in other programs such as in the Carribean, the certified agents do not make a commission from the government. This means they make their money from the extra legal fees, where all agents almost price align, and on commissions from the real estate developers.

This is important because agents will try to sell you the development with the greatest commission structure. If a developer offers a 15% commission, and another one a 6% commission, you can be 100% sure the agent will be pushing you to buy the former. Remember, the passport is not the main product. YOU are the main product.

You must do your own analysis of the the real estate developments, and not base your decision on what the agents tell you.


How I can help you get a better deal at no extra fee

I can introduce you to my preferred agent; I’ve worked with them in the past as they have mutiple business interests in Montenegro.

To be transparent with you, if you end up buying the citizenship through my introduction to the agent, I make a small flat commission, whichever project you end up choosing. Whether you go through me or not won’t change the total price you’ll end up paying. However, the benefit you’ll get is that I’ll give you my unbiased opinion and analysis on the different projects.

I’ve been doing real estate deals in Montenegro for a few years now, and spend part of the year there, so I have a very good understanding of the market. I can save you money by helping you choose the better projects.

Send an email to or use to get introduced to my favourite certified agent and benefit from my services.

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Important to understand: The Citizenship by Investment services are performed by a lawyer. We at The Wandering Investor are a middleman and therefore have no liability.